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A Volvo XC90 presented to the Pope


Volvo Cars presented His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, with one of its Sport Utility Vehicles.


ROME - June 28 - His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has received the keys to a Volvo XC90, presented by Volvo Car Corporation. The delivery to the Pontiff took place in the Vatican, during a short ceremony after the Papal Audience.


In attendance on behalf of Volvo Car Corporation (VCC) were: Gerry Keaney, Vice President, Marketing Sales and Service (VCC); Pascal Bellemans, President Volvo Auto Italia; and, Michele Crisci, General Manager Volvo Auto Italia.


The dark blue Volvo XC90 V8, with light interior, delivered to the Pope has been specially fitted for his personal use.


Since its debut in 2003, the Volvo XC90 has set the highest Safety standards among SUVs, in all driving conditions and surfaces. The AWD system (all-wheel drive) allows the car excellent off-road behavior, while the ROPS System helps the car in avoiding roll-over or reducing consequences of that type of accident.


The Volvo XC90 has also been designed and built not only to protect people on board, but also in order to enhance Safety performances on other vehicles in case of impact.


"We are absolutely happy and proud of the opportunity we had to present an XC90 to the Pope. Safety has always been a no-compromise must for Volvo; no doubt, our strong commitment to safeguard lives could not get a higher and more touching recognition", said Pascal Bellemans, President Volvo Auto Italia.

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