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    With the aim of achieving a climate-neutral city by 2030, Volvo Cars teams up with the City of Gothenburg in Sweden for the creation of new urban zones that will be used as testbeds for future sustainable technologies.
    Volvo Cars is tripling electric car manufacturing capacity at its plant in Ghent, Belgium as it prepares to meet fast growing demand for its Recharge line-up of chargeable cars.
    Volvo Cars reported the strongest second-half sales numbers in the company’s history in 2020, as fast-growing demand for its electrified cars boosted the company’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic impact.
    Volvo Car USA reported 14,244 cars sold in December, up 15.2 percent over 2019 and its seventh consecutive month of year-over-year growth. The company finished 2020 up 1.8 percent over last year with 110,129 cars sold.
    Volvo Cars will assemble electric motors at its powertrain plant in Skövde, Sweden, and plans to establish complete in-house e-motor production by mid-decade. It will invest 700 million SEK to this end in coming years.
    This year, the Volvo Cars Safety Centre crash lab celebrates its 20th anniversary. At the time of its opening by the Swedish king, in 2000, it was one of the most advanced crash labs in the world and in many ways it still is today.
    Volvo Cars global sales continued to grow in November, with volumes up 6.4 percent compared with the same period last year. The sales increase was driven by a strong performance in China and in the US, where losses from earlier COVID-19 shut downs were fully recovered.
    Volvo Car USA achieved its sixth consecutive month of year-over-year growth in November, recovering all losses from COVID-19 shutdowns and setting a path toward a positive overall result for fiscal year 2020.
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