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These guidelines and privacy policy are specific to Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, located in the United States. The guidelines and privacy policy are effective July 7, 2004. 

At Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, we are dedicated to your safety -- the driving safety of you and your family, and the online safety of your privacy and your personal information. 

Volvo Cars maintains strict privacy policies to safeguard customer-identifiable information and communications from unauthorized intrusions. By "customer identifiable" information, we mean any personal information that identifies you, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and any information about activities (online or otherwise) that is directly linked to them. 

This privacy policy only covers the Web sites of Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. It does not include the privacy policy of Volvo Car Finance North America, our sister company. Volvo Car Finance includes a separate privacy policy regarding the collecting of financial information, and provides lease and finance account access. Please refer to for information on the Volvo Car Finance Privacy Policy. 

How Volvo Cars Collects Your Information and Why 

If you do not wish to provide us with any personal information about yourself, you can still navigate through a large portion of our Web sites anonymously. However, at certain points, we may need to collect additional information from you in order to provide you with these unique online services. We also use this information to ensure that Volvo Cars is providing you with the type of services and communications that meet your individual needs without flooding you with communications that would not be of interest to you. 

Why Volvo Cars Web Sites Use "Cookies" 

Volvo Cars uses "cookies" to simulate a continuous connection to our sites. This makes it more convenient for you to visit pages without having to reintroduce yourself with each mouse click. Cookies contain only information that you specifically volunteer. Cookies do not have the capability of infiltrating your hard drive or taking away personal information. By accepting cookies from Volvo Cars, you are able to save vehicles you have configured, enter our owner sites, and take advantage of other customized areas of our Web sites. 

Volvo Cars protects online personal information as follows: 
· Volvo Cars will not disclose your information to outside parties without your permission. 

· Volvo Cars will not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties, any personal information derived from your activities on any Volvo Cars online service without your permission. 

· When Volvo Cars uses other agents, contractors or companies to perform services on its behalf, we will use reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the company protects your personal information in a manner consistent with our own Volvo Cars Privacy Policy. 

Volvo Cars will collect and use your information only for specific purposes. Volvo Cars will collect and use personal information: 
· to create and inform you of products and services that better meet your needs; 

· for billing purposes; or 

· to anticipate and/or resolve problems with your service. 

This means that Volvo Cars may use your personal information to market new services to you that we think will be of interest to you, but we will not disclose your personal information to third parties that want to market products to you. Volvo Cars may sometimes merge personally identifiable information or prospect information with outside data sources in order to provide you with a more targeted offer that better suits your needs. When this data merge occurs, Volvo Cars also takes necessary steps to avoid any duplication in informing you of Volvo products and services. 

Opting out of Volvo Cars marketing information is easy. You may choose not to receive direct marketing communications from Volvo Cars in connection with our online services. If you notify us that you do not want to receive marketing information, we: 

· will not contact you directly with marketing messages about Volvo Cars online services, and 

· will not use personal information obtained from your registration for or use of a Volvo Cars online service to contact you with marketing messages about any Volvo Cars products or services. 

To inform us that you do or do not wish to receive communications of certain kinds from Volvo Cars, please do one of the following: 

· Drop us a note addressed to Volvo Cars Customer Care Center, Attn: Privacy, 7 Volvo Drive, Rockleigh, NJ 07647; 

· Send us an e-mail at, with "Privacy" as the subject; 

· Call Volvo Cars Customer Care Center at (800) 458-1552. 

Personal information that a visitor volunteers at one of the Volvo Cars Web sites to inquire about or order Volvo Cars products/services will be protected just as if the information had been provided under more traditional ways of ordering that product or service. 

Your personal information will be kept secure. Volvo Cars has implemented technology and security features and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of your personal information from unauthorized access or improper use, and we will continue to enhance our security procedures as new technology becomes available. 

Your e-mail will be kept private. Volvo Cars will not read or disclose to third parties private e-mail communications that are transmitted using Volvo Cars services, except as required to operate the service or as otherwise required by law. 

Volvo Cars will respond to improper conduct. Volvo Cars may use personal information to investigate and help prevent potentially unlawful activity, or activity that threatens the company or otherwise violates the customer agreement for any products or services that Volvo Cars provides. 

We may use session log data and cookies combined with anonymous user data (and personal data if you provide it) to track user movement and behavior within and across this Web site to perform site-user analytics. The information is used in aggregate level analysis; it is not used to identify you or your information personally. We supply this information to a third party metric provider to perform the analysis for us and to provide the results to us. Our relationship with the metric provider is governed by contract. The contract restricts the metric provider's use of the data to performing requested analytics and compiling reports for Volvo Cars. The metric provider is prohibited from otherwise selling or sharing the information or the results with anyone else. We use the information and the analytic results to improve our Web site and the users' experience. 

Contact us if you have concerns. If you have concerns about the Volvo Cars online privacy policy or its implementation, you may contact us via e-mail at, with "Privacy" in the subject line. 

Changes in Practices. Volvo Cars will keep its privacy policy current, and make every effort to promptly update this Web page every time there is a change to this policy. 

Additional Privacy Protections for Children Using the Internet 
At Volvo Cars, protecting younger members of the Volvo Cars family has always been a driving element of our focus on safety. Volvo Cars joins the online industry in recognizing that children, including young teens, may not be able to make informed choices about personal information requested online. Accordingly, Volvo Cars does not knowingly target children or teenagers (younger than eighteen years of age) for collection of information online. Volvo Cars does not solicit or collect customer-identifiable information targeted at children and teenagers under eighteen and does not allow anyone else to do so on any Volvo Cars Web site. 

Volvo Cars encourages parents to take an active role in protecting the privacy and security of their children and to prevent the inappropriate use of information about their children. Volvo Cars also supports the development of technologies that help parents control the collection and use of personal information from children who use online services in their households. 

Warranties and Limitations of Liability Information and documents provided on this Web site are provided "as is" without any warranty. Volvo Cars makes reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this Web site; it does not, however, make any representations as to its accuracy or completeness. Your use of this Web site is at your own risk. Volvo Cars, its suppliers, and the other parties involved in creating and delivering the contents of this Web site, are not liable for any damages arising from the use of this site. 

Links to Third Party Sites: The Volvo Cars Web site may contain links to third party Web sites, including Web sites owned or maintained by authorized Volvo Cars retailers. The linked sites are not under the control of Volvo Cars, and Volvo Cars is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. Volvo Cars is providing these links only as a convenience, and the inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement of the linked site by Volvo Cars. 

Rights of Use 
Personal Use of Volvo Cars Web Site Documents: Volvo Cars hereby authorizes you to view, copy, download, and print Volvo Cars documents that are available on this Web site, subject to the following conditions: 

The documents may be used solely for personal, noncommercial, and informational purposes. The documents may not be modified. The following copyright notice and permission notice must appear in each document: "©2004 Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. All rights reserved. Protected by the copyright laws of the United States and international treaties." Copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices may not be removed. 

You may not reproduce, copy, or redistribute the design or layout of the Volvo Cars Web site, individual elements of the Web site design, or Volvo Cars logos without the express written permission of Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. 

Commercial Use of Volvo Cars Web Site Materials and Screen Shots: Reproduction, copying, or redistribution for commercial purposes of any materials or design elements on the Volvo Cars Web site is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Volvo Cars. Permission is granted only when certain criteria are met. To request such permission, please send e-mail to with the word "Permission" in the subject area, and include the following information in the body of the message: 

· The Volvo Cars content you wish to use; 

· Where and how will it be used (for example, a book cover, an advertisement, or a brochure); 

· Where and how copies will be distributed and to what audience; 

· How many copies will be produced and distributed; 

· When you intend to publish; 

· Other non-Volvo Cars materials that will be associated with the Volvo Cars content; 

· Your name, title, company, address, e-mail address, and phone number. 

We will evaluate your request as soon as possible. Volvo Cars reserves the right to refuse permission to copy, distribute, broadcast, or publish any of its copyrighted material. 

Licensed Logo Use: Use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution of Volvo Cars logos is strictly prohibited without written permission from Volvo Cars. If your organization has a preexisting agreement with Volvo Cars, that agreement, along with the specific guidelines for each logo, will specify your rights and obligations regarding use of Volvo Cars logos. If you do not have a preexisting agreement with Volvo Cars, you do not have permission to use Volvo Cars logos. If you have additional questions, please contact Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. 

Downloading Software: All software and accompanying documentation made available for downloading from this Web site are the copyrighted work of Volvo Cars or its suppliers. The copyright holder retains software and documentation ownership. Ownership is not transferred to you; rather, you are licensed to use the software and documentation. 

Software Rights of Use: Software available on the Volvo Cars Web site is subject to United States export controls. No software from this site may be downloaded or otherwise exported or re-exported: (1) into any country to which the United States has embargoed goods; or (2) to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Commerce Department's Table of Denial Orders. 

By downloading or using the software, you are agreeing to the foregoing and are warranting that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list. 

Contact Volvo Cars Customer Care Center:  Volvo Cars of North America, LLC 
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(800) 458-1552 

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