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Volvo XC90 was by far the biggest news ever from Volvo when it was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in the beginning of 2002. The Volvo XC90 is a relatively compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle).


Volvo XC90 is the most flexible car ever built by Volvo. It seats up to seven passengers, all with equal safety, regardless of where in the car they are riding. Volvo XC90 drives like car, but loads like a wagon, thanks to generous inner height and the easily accessible boot with the split folding tailgate, rather like the tailgate of the classic Volvo P220 Amazon Estate from 1962


During the end of 2004 a new engine option was introduced for Volvo XC90. A V8 engine, the first V8 engine produced for a Volvo car. This engine has a displacement of 4.4 L and delivers 315 hp.




Model: Volvo XC90


Produced: 2002 ->

Volume: Production running, General specifications, Number of cars

Body: 5-door Sports Utility Vehicle

Engine: 5-cyl in-line DOHC, 2.521 cc, 6-cyl in-line 2.922 cc, V8 4.414 cc or 5-cyl in-line DI Turbo Diesel 2.401 cc

Transmission: 6-speed manual, 5- or 6-speed automatic

Brakes: Hydraulic, disc brakes all round

Dimensions: Overall length 480 cm, wheelbase 286 cm


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