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  • 910-watts of power output
  • Dual 9-inch subwoofers behind the rear seat backrests
  • Automatically adjusts cockpit acoustics when the top is stowed
  • Digital technology offers unrivaled sound
  • Dynaudio® speakers with crystal-clear sound capabilities


Anaheim, California (October 5, 2005) - When it comes to a nearly perfect audio experience, the all-new Volvo C70 is really two cars in one: A concert hall or an outdoor arena. The sound system has been developed to offer high-class sound reproduction with the roof up or down.


With the all-new C70, Volvo Cars is launching a high-end digital amplifier and, following intense collaboration with Dynaudio®, a speaker system that will leave even the most critical audiophile happy.


“A car represents one of the most difficult challenges for an audio engineer,” says C70 project manager Patrik Widerstrand. The passenger compartment has irregular shapes, a mixture of hard and soft materials and considerable variation in surface structures. In addition, the road surface changes as you are driving. In a convertible the situation is further complicated by the fact that the top is sometimes up and sometimes down.


In the all-new C70, Volvo Cars has invested in the latest digital technology to control and adapt sound reproduction to the most challenging conditions. “The aim has been to offer a first-rate audio experience which remains consistent regardless of where or how you drive,” said Widerstrand.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is used to adapt the sound to the design of the passenger compartment and the positioning of the speakers. DSP is also used for the fine adjustment of the tone curve, contributing to the creation of natural sound quality.


With the launch of the all new Volvo C70, Volvo Cars will introduce a digital class D amplifier that is considerably more efficient than its analog equivalent. For example, a digital amplifier that produces 130 watts requires less power to operate than an analog equivalent of 100 watts. A digital amplifier is also more compact and generates less heat than an analog unit.



Thanks to digital technology, the sound can be adapted to the driving situation. Not only the volume but also the tone settings are adjusted automatically in line with the car’s speed. The sound is also adjusted automatically when the car’s roof is up or down to ensure that the listener gets the same exceptional audio experience regardless of ambient conditions.


There is also scope for individual preferences. In the car’s personal settings menu it is possible to choose how much the sound should be adjusted according to vehicle speed. There are three levels to choose from: low, medium and high.



There are two sound system levels available for the 2006 Volvo C70:

  • The standard high performance system features a 4x40-watt amplifier and eight speakers
  • The Dynaudio Premium Sound includes a 5x130-watt digital amplifier, Dolby® Pro Logic II Surround and fourteen speakers, including dual 9-inch subwoofers.



Each subwoofer has an integrated 130-watt amplifier. In total, the Premium Sound system with double subwoofers has an output of 910 watts of power.



“A sound system of Premium Sound rating is indicated by the Dynaudio® logo on the dashboard,” said Widerstrand. “It is a sign that the car is equipped with the very best speakers.”


Dynaudio® is one of the world’s foremost developers and manufacturers of speaker systems, both for home use and professional studios. The company has received a whole series of awards for its products, which are developed according to extremely strict quality demands.


With the launch of the all-new Volvo C70, cooperation between Volvo Cars and Dynaudio® has been extensive. The Premium Sound speakers in the C70 are of extremely high quality for a mass-produced car. In the doors there are well-proportioned three-way speakers. The bass drivers are 8 inches with powerful 3-inch voice coils that can withstand high output. Even the midrange drivers have powerful voice coils. The tweeters are made of fabric (silk dome tweeter), a Dynaudio® specialty that helps produce a cleaner sound. Each speaker has a passive crossover to produce a harmonious, total audio experience with the best possible bandwidth and dynamics.


Specially developed center speakers on the dashboard interact with the door speakers to create a natural, homogeneous sound. The rear side panels have combined bass/midrange drivers. Even these have powerful voice coils and the same type of tweeters that are found in the front doors.


To achieve even deeper, richer bass tones, the system is complemented with dual 9-inch subwoofers, mounted in the wall behind the rear backrest. These have separate class D amplifiers, each producing 130 watts.


“It is certainly no exaggeration to use the term 'concert-hall quality' for the sound reproduction in the all-new Volvo C70,” said Widerstrand. “We can offer what is the best audio experience ever in a Volvo regardless of whether the roof is up or down.”



James Hope or Daniel Johnston

Product Communications

Volvo Cars of North America, LLC


C70, 2006
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