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Volvo Cars of North America's Overseas Delivery Program Wraps Up 2003 On Top

Chicago, IL (February, 2004) --- For the first time ever, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA) reports that its Overseas Delivery program outpaced the competition by a significant margin. With 2028 deliveries for 2003, Volvo topped second ranking BMW by 280 units, Mercedes-Benz by 1256 cars and Saab by 1956 deliveries. Year over year, the program has grown an astonishing 22.3 percent.


"It's exciting to see Volvo's Overseas Delivery program growing so quickly," says Lasse Magnusson, Overseas Delivery manager. "We take care of our customers from the beginning to the end, in line with our Care by Volvo philosophy. We feel that Volvo offers a superior program to our competitors and our sales for 2003 prove it."


The program makes it possible for consumers to custom build their Volvo cars. It offers a large number of different combinations the buyer can choose from.


"Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program also presents a great opportunity for our customers to see first-hand where their car was built and gain a unique perspective on our commitment to safety," comments Magnusson.


Customers who take advantage of the program are not limited to a pre-set strict travel itinerary. "If they choose, owners may take possession of their new car in Paris or London or any one of the other eleven major cities in Europe and tailor their driving vacation any way they like," adds Magnusson.


Through the program, buyers of any new 2004-2005 Volvo receive two free Scandinavian Airlines round-trip tickets to Europe where they, for a fee, may take delivery of their car at any one of 12 designated locations. Deliveries taken in Volvo's home city of Göteborg, Sweden, are included in the price of the car and have the added luxury of a complimentary night's lodging at SAS Radisson in Göteborg, a test drive around Volvo's private track and a tour of the manufacturing plant.


Flexibility remains a strong factor in Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program, giving owners the opportunity to customize their trip to their need. But they may also opt for one of seven other pre-planned "Discover Scandinavia" driving tours that range in length from three to 11 days. Each trek guarantees adventure with routes that wind through centuries-old villages and challenging mountain roads to some of northern Europe's most modern cities. Overnight stopovers are equally intriguing and vary from quaint country manors and inns to full-service hotels. Prices range from $500 per person for three-day adventures up to $2.515 per person for 11-day treks.


Volvo Cars of North America, LLC is part of the Volvo Car Corporation of Göteborg, Sweden. The company provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to Volvo automobile retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


The 2004-2005 Volvo automobile line includes the all-new S40 sport sedan, all-new V50 sportswagon, the award-winning XC90, sporty S60 sedan, the redesigned S80 luxury sedan, versatile V70 wagon and rugged Cross Country, and the beautiful C70 convertible.


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