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2005 Volvo V50 - Design

All-New Volvo V50



Sportswagon with vibrant, head-turning style

  • Aggressive, vibrant styling
  • Exhilarating to drive
  • Extended rear profile
  • Athletic stance
  • Interior with sense of advanced technology
  • Slim center stack with functional design
  • Discreet lighting points create a theatre-like effect
  • Innovative upholstery, inspired by sportswear
  • Roomy, flexible passenger compartment
  • Class leading safety


The all-new Volvo V50 is a totally new five-door model with aggressive lines, intelligent design solutions and a flexible interior.


"The all-new V50 is the result of a consistent design strategy, in which the authentic Volvo character has been developed for each new model," says Henrik Otto, Volvo Cars' Design Director. "Our new sportswagon is indisputably a genuine Volvo but, at the same time, it has its own, totally individual and distinct profile - with characteristics from classics like the Volvo 1800 ES, Volvo 480 and its most recent predecessor, the V40.


Unique profile with extended cargo area


The rear of the all-new Volvo V50 has an athletic, sporty design that sets it apart from the more traditional lines of the V70. The combination of its rounded rooflines and extremely abrupt tail is designed to create a modern look without limiting the practicality required of a wagon.


The softly rounded nose, the short hood and the marked cab-forward design reinforce this. The sportswagon look is further accentuated through the addition of the optional sport accessory kit, with its specially designed front, side and rear spoilers, larger wheels and dual exhaust tips.


The track and wheelbase have been extended, pushing the wheels out to each corner. This contributes to the sporty appearance, as well as giving the car predictable road manners. The long wheelbase also makes it possible to fit conveniently wide rear doors for ease of access.


The all-new Volvo V50 is 1.8 inches longer than the all-new S40. The section behind the rear wheels has been extended and utilized to increase luggage space.


"The luggage compartment is not simply spacious," says Henrik Otto. "It is also practical and easy to load, thanks to the vertical side windows and the totally flat load floor. It meets the demands of today's customers with 'a large capacity for life.' "


Vibrant design and style


The all-new V50 has a completely individual profile that distinguishes itself as the all-new sportswagon from Volvo.


The grille has the same distinctive egg-crate mesh pattern that's found on the all-new S40. The hood has the classical V shape. The contour lines of the body - the strong, distinctive shoulders - have also been incorporated. The high rear tail lamps are another indication of the all-new V50's Volvo-wagon heritage. The overall design and style defines the sportswagon and differentiates itself from Volvo's family wagon, the V70.


Dynamic speedboat inspired body


From above, the body resembles the shape of a sleek speedboat, with a rounded prow, a broad mid-ship section and a narrowing stern. Together with the broad shoulders, this shape creates a sporty, athletic impression, while contributing to the all-new V50's excellent aerodynamics.


The doors of the all-new Volvo V50 are convex in shape, unlike the concave design of the doors on the larger Volvo models. This reinforces the sporty appearance and increases the width of the cabin.


The windshield wipers are entirely new and are recessed under the hood. The turn signal indicators are integrated into the door mirrors, where they are easily visible from the sides.


A number of newly designed aluminum wheels, several of which are unique to the V50, are available as options. The sportiest wheels are 18 inches in diameter and are equipped with ultra-low profile 215/45 tires.


Exterior Sport Styling


The all-new Volvo V50 is available with an Exterior Sport Styling kit, which further accentuates the aggressive, dynamic image of this new model.


The package includes specially designed spoilers front and rear, side skirts and a rear roof spoiler. A lowering kit, which reduces the ride height by .75 inches, further enhances the appearance of the all-new V50.


A large capacity for life; uncluttered Scandinavian interior


The interior of the all-new Volvo V50 is built of several visual layers. The first layer shows as an edge trim around the entire interior, along the side windows and the windscreen. It creates the impression of being safely ensconced in a cocoon.


The next layer is the instrument panel. It has a clean, uncluttered layout, with air vents and other details positioned as islands in an otherwise open environment. The instrument panel incorporates a new surface, a texture conveying a feel of cutting-edge technical innovation rather than classical leather-trimmed furniture. This special surface texture separates the instrument panel visually from the outer edge trim of the cabin.


The main instrument cluster features two easily readable round gauges, surrounded by contrasting metal bezels. This design creates a sporty, three-dimensional appearance.


Elegant and spacious


The unique, super-slim, free-floating center stack (which was introduced in the all-new Volvo S40) constitutes the topmost layer of the interior. It links the center tunnel console with the instrument panel in an elegant, modern manner.


Behind the center stack, there is a practical storage compartment for personal possessions, which can be easily accessed from both sides. This compartment features soft lighting, further accentuating the impression of a free-floating panel.


"The stack is the ultimate design symbol of this new car and represents a revolution in itself. A great deal of creativity and effort has gone into finding a technical solution for the super-slim format," explains interior designer, Guy Burgoyne.


Multiple interior choices


Like the other panels in the car, the center stack can be specified with different decor panels. This gives buyers the opportunity to adapt the car to their particular tastes.

  • In the base model, the color of this panel is the same as the basic interior color.
  • The dark panel "Wood Effect" creates a more elegant, refined environment.
  • The "Aluminum" panel, made of real metal, adds a high-tech feeling to the roomy interior.


Multi-function controls


The controls on the center stack have been given an ergonomic, functional design. Most of them perform several different functions in a logical, easy-to-use way. The top half of the control panel is used to operate the audio system, while the lower half is dedicated to the climate control system.


The four large knobs are used to regulate the main system functions such as the stereo volume or cabin temperature. Other function buttons have been gathered together on a panel resembling a TV remote control. Each push-button is designed to help the driver avoid depressing two at the same time.


The audio system in the all-new Volvo V50 can be supplemented with the same cutting-edge technology that was introduced in the Volvo XC90 - the awesome Dolby Surround Pro Logic II, offering up to 445 watts for concert quality sound.


Theater lighting


Inside the all-new Volvo V50, there are a number of discreet lighting points. They create a theater-like effect by softly lighting different sections of the interior. Among other things, the center stack is constantly lit from the roof, but the light is so soft that it never distracts the driver. The first time the light makes its presence felt is when the driver moves his or her hand towards a control, something that facilitates easy operation when driving at night.


T-Tec upholstery


The interior is available with a choice of two shades: off black and dark beige. Each interior color comes with a range of matching upholstery colors.


Leather is one of four upholstery alternatives. The most innovative upholstery is Dala, a ribbed textile with T-Tec elements and visible light-colored seams.


T-Tec is a material that has been developed exclusively for Volvo Cars and is inspired by sportswear and modern travel accessories.


Fold-down backrests


The cab-forward design, the long wheelbase and Volvo's Intelligent Vehicle Architecture of transverse engine installation combine to give the all-new V50 a spacious cabin that may be rearranged in the same flexible manner as the Volvo V70. The rear seat splits into two sections and the backrests fold down. The front passenger seat is equipped with a fold-flat backrest. With the seats folded, the load floor is completely flat from the rear lift gate to the glove compartment, making the V50 perfect for hauling long, often cumbersome loads.


A brief comparison

The Volvo V50 is slightly shorter than its predecessor, the V40, but it is larger in every other respect.

Length: 177.7 inches (.30 inches shorter than the V40 model - but 1.8 inches longer than the all-new S40)

Width: 69.7 inches (2.1 inches wider than the V40)

Height: 57.2 inches (1.1 inches taller)

Wheelbase: 103.9 inches (2.9 inches longer)

Track front: 60.9 inches (2.9 inches wider)

Track rear: 60.8 inches (2.8 inches wider)

V50, 2005
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