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To create the most exciting car experience for modern families


Our mission is our business philosophy and the basis of our everyday work


Our heritage is one of our most important assets


The difference between Volvo and other car manufacturers is a commitment and a philosophy which has characterised the company for many decades. Volvos founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, established at a very early stage that the companys operations should be based on care for human beings. Safety, quality, reliability and responsibility are the core of our operations, our products and our behaviour.


Our Heritage

Volvos history is closely linked to the growth and development of Swedish society. In areas such as organisational development, shared decision making and ergonomics, Volvo has been a pioneer. Our geographical location, our natural environment and our climate have made it necessary for us to be innovative and caring, sometimes using very limited resources. The sustainable, the practical, the simple and the long-term have been prioritised. Our Swedish heritage is an important factor when it comes to our international success. 


The world and cars changes. However, the promise that Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson once made does not. Both now and in the future, our aim is to reinforce our heritage and origins and at the same time make Volvo even more attractive. The challenge is to interpret our traditions and values and then apply them successfully to this era. 


Volvo represents human values in combination with a modern business culture. The powerful identity Volvo has established is based on this heritage. 


Volvos brand name is more powerful than our products. It symbolises a promise to our customers. Our core values, safety, environmental care and quality, mean that we care about people and the environment in which we live and that both we and our products can be relied on. 


Our Identity

We appreciate the balance in our lives, the balance between work, leisure time, family and friends. The balance between developing as an individual and seeing oneself as part of the big picture is also important. As Volvos employees, we pass on these values to our customers. 


Aggressive, long-term and consistent effort has given us top-class credibility and a brand name with a positive image. This is an invaluable asset in the face of increasingly fierce competition. 


Safeguarding and reinforcing the strength of this asset is the task of all of us. The values Volvo represents must characterise everything we do for our customers and colleagues, the products and services we offer and the way in which we conduct business. 


Historically, Volvo has always stood for safety, environmental care and quality. These core values have now been joined by design, driving pleasure and total ownership experience. 


Safety is the value and fundamental principal that has had the greatest impact so far. We are leaders in this field and we will strengthen this position by developing the safety concept. 


Environmental Care is a natural extension of our safety approach. The environment is increasingly important as a competitive factor when it comes to building relationships with new customers and recruiting a new generation of employees. 


Quality is a fundamental principle for everything we do at Volvo. We have a long history of reliability and a commitment to quality and it is vital that products and services that bear the Volvo name not only achieve but preferably surpass our customers expectations. 


We must also create a dimension of excitement and attractiveness. We are constantly devoting more time and effort to design, driving pleasure and a holistic approach to the ownership experience. This increases the significance of our core values and enhances Volvos profile as a unique brand name. 

Descriptions and facts in this press material relate to Volvo Cars' international car range. Described features might be optional. Vehicle specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.