Prince Carl Philip and Thed Björk secure podium in eventful Swedish GT weekend at Falkenberg


The second round of the 2017 Swedish GT at Falkenberg was eventful for the Polestar Cyan Racing duo of Prince Carl Philip and Thed Björk, claiming a podium finish in the final race, fighting Ferrari, McLaren and Audi teams.


Third place in the second race could have been better, had the duo not been hindered by a GTB class driver stopping in the wrong position during the mandatory pit stop, blocking the exit for Björk who had just taken over the wheel from Prince Carl Philip.


Björk fought hard to catch up with the leading duo, slashing a 16-second gap to just 2.6 seconds over the finishing line to claim the third podium finish of the season for the team.


“There was nothing I could do but wait until they moved the car, I am not happy. The car was great and I gained quickly on Brunstedt in second place, but there were just not enough laps. A disappointing weekend but we are competitive and that is the important thing for the coming races,” said Thed Björk.


The duo was strong in qualifying, with Björk securing second place in the first session and Prince Carl Philip equalling the position in the second session. A retirement in the first race and third place in the second race has dropped Prince Carl Philip to fourth in the championship.


“The incident in the pits was unfortunate and very costly for us. I am happy with my stint in the second race though, keeping within striking distance of the lead – a nice comeback from yesterday’s retirement. This was not the best of weekends but we have not lost too many points and I remain positive for the remainder of the season,” said Prince Carl Philip.


Despite the lost positions in the drivers’ championship, Prince Carl Philip is still just nine points from the lead with three race weekends left of the season.


“Thed, Prince Carl Philip and the whole team did an impeccable job today. A second-place finish was minimum of our capacity but the pit stop chaos denied us that. I can’t say that we are happy with third in the race or our position in the championship, but we will keep fighting,” said Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, Head of Motorsport at Polestar.


The next Swedish GT race takes place at Karlskoga on August 12-13th:


Swedish GT Falkenberg

Circuit: Falkenberg

Length: 1843 m

Lap record (STCC): 0:43.283 (Ekblom)



Race 1 – Top 5

1 Jan Brunstedt Audi R8 LMS Ultra 43 laps

2 Mattsson/Larsson Ferrari 488 +0.349

3 Mäkinen/Krüger Ferrari 458 +13.733

4 Palm/Eriksson Porsche 911 GT3 Cup +15.428

5 Behrens/Roos McLaren 570S +1 lap

DNF Bernadotte/Björk Volvo S60


Race 2 – Top 5

1 Mattsson/Larsson Ferrari 488 35 laps

2 Jan Brunstedt Audi R8 LMS Ultra +10.776

3 Bernadotte/Björk Volvo S60 +13.585

4 Mäkinen/Krüger Ferrari 458 +34.451

5 Krister Andero Porsche 911 GT3 Cup +1 lap


Qualifying 1 – Top 5

1 Fredrik Larsson Ferrari 488 43.549

2 Thed Björk Volvo S60 +0.285

3 Oscar Palm Porsche 911 GT3 Cup +0.409

4 Jan Brunstedt Audi R8 LMS Ultra +0.472

5 Oscar Krüger Ferrari 458 +1.170


Qualifying 2 – Top 5

1 Jan Brunstedt Audi R8 LMS Ultra 43.723

2 Carl Philip Bernadotte Volvo S60 +0.595

3 Peter Eriksson Porsche 911 GT3 Cup +1.607

4 Ingvar Mattsson Ferrari 488 +1.787

5 Krister Andero Porsche 911 GT3 Cup +1.940


Championship standings

GTA – Top 5

1 Fredrik Larsson Ferrari 488 80 points

1 Ingvar Mattsson Ferrari 488 80

3 Jan Brunstedt Audi R8 LMS Ultra 76 (-4)

4 Carl Philip Bernadotte Volvo S60 64 (-9)

5 Kari Mäkinen Ferrari 458 54 (-26)

5 Oscar Krüger Ferrari 458 54 (-26)

7 Thed Björk Volvo S60 46 points (-34)


2017 Swedish GT Entry List

No – Driver – Team – Car

GTA Class

7 – Kari Mäkinen – Euroracing – Ferrari 458

7 – Oscar Krüger – Euroracing – Ferrari 458

11 – Toni Persic – TPR Motorsport – Chevrolet Camaro

13 – Carl Philip Bernadotte – Polestar Cyan Racing – Volvo S60

13 – Thed Björk – Polestar Cyan Racing – Volvo S60

25 – Peter Eriksson – TBA – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

45 – Krister Andero – TBA – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

67 – Erik Hjeltman – Brovallen Design – Ford Mondeo

98 – Jan Brunstedt – JB Motorsport – Audi R8 LMS Ultra

99 – Ingvar Mattsson – Mattsson Motorsport – Ferrari 488

99 – Fredrik Larsson – Mattsson Motorsport – Ferrari 488

GTB Class

20 – Philip Morin – Mtech Competition – Porsche Cayman GT4

20 – Linus Pröjtz – Mtech Competition – Porsche Cayman GT4

21 – Håkan Ricknäs – Ricknäs Motorsport – Porsche Cayman GT4

21 – Thomas Martinson – Ricknäs Motorsport – Porsche Cayman GT4

31 – Hans Söderholm – Ricknäs Motorsport – Porsche 911 GT4

31 – Marcus Söderholm – Ricknäs Motorsport – Porsche 911 GT4

45 – Krister Andero – TBA – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

50 – Thomas Belfrage – Euroracing – Ferrari 360

51 – Peter Larsen – Primus Racing – Ginetta G55

51 – Johan Rosén – Primus Racing – Ginetta G55

60 – Franck Århage – Århage Racing – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

65 – Bror Ellfolk – TBA – Ginetta G55

65 – Niclas Lindström – TBA – Ginetta G55

88 – Erik Behrens – Alfab Racing – McLaren 570S

88 – Daniel Roos – Alfab Racing – McLaren 570S


2017 Swedish GT Calendar

Date Circuit Country

04-06 May Knutstorp Sweden

07-09 July Falkenberg Sweden

11-13 August Karlskoga Sweden

01-03 September Anderstorp Sweden

14-16 September Mantorp Park Sweden


About Polestar

Polestar is Volvo Car Group’s performance road car brand and was founded by Polestar Racing, today known as Cyan Racing. Polestar’s birth was a result of Cyan Racing’s race engineers desire to explore how technology behind the multiple title-winning success in racing could be applied to the performance of road going Volvo cars, on all roads and conditions in everyday life. The first road-going performance Concepts were launched in 2010 and the first performance cars, based on the Volvo S60, were ready in 2012. In 2015, Volvo Cars acquired Polestar Performance. Today, Polestar builds the S60 and V60 Polestar, 367 hp performance road cars with over 250 developments over-and-above the standard Volvo products. It also offers Polestar Engineered performance hardware upgrades and engine software optimisations for existing Volvo products.


In the future, Polestar will become a new separately-branded electrified high-performance car company. Polestar will offer a portfolio of bespoke Polestar branded cars that will no longer carry a Volvo logo. Polestar will enjoy specific technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefit from significant economies of scale as a result of its connection to Volvo. These synergies will allow it to design, develop and build world beating electrified high performance cars.


About Cyan Racing

Founded in 1996 and today known as Cyan Racing, the privately owned and operated company has been Volvo Car Group’s official team in motorsport since its conception. Cyan Racing has claimed multiple titles with the Volvo 850, S40, C30 and S60. Today, the company enjoys success on track with the Polestar road car brand as Polestar Cyan Racing in pursuit of both the World Touring Car Championship and Swedish GT, racing the Volvo S60 Polestar road going performance car.




Volvo Car Group in 2016

Voor het boekjaar 2016 liet Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) een bedrijfswinst optekenen van 11 miljard SEK (EUR 1,2 miljard), tegenover 6,6 miljard SEK (EUR 697 miljoen) in 2015. De omzet voor dit boekjaar bedroeg 180,7 miljard SEK (EUR 19,1 miljard), tegenover 164,0 miljard SEK  (EUR 17,3 miljard) in 2015. In 2016 verkocht Volvo Car Group wereldwijd 534.332 auto's, ofwel 6,2% meer dan in 2015. Deze recordcijfers qua omzet en bedrijfswinst betekenen dat Volvo Car Group kan blijven investeren in het wereldwijde transformatieplan.


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Volvo is actief sinds 1927. Vandaag is Volvo Cars een van de bekendste en meest gerespecteerde automerken ter wereld. In 2016 werden 534.332 Volvo's verkocht in ongeveer 100 landen. Sinds 2010 is Volvo Cars eigendom van Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely Holding) uit China. Het bedrijf maakte deel uit van de Zweeds Volvo Group tot 1999, wanneer het werd gekocht door het Amerikaanse Ford Motor Company. In 2010 werd Volvo Cars uiteindelijk overgenomen door Geely Holding.


In december 2016 stelde Volvo Cars wereldwijd meer dan 31.000 medewerkers tewerk. De hoofdzetel, productontwikkeling, marketing en administratie van Volvo Cars zijn grotendeels gevestigd in Göteborg, Zweden. Het hoofdkantoor van Volvo Cars voor China is gevestigd in Shanghai. De grootste autofabrieken van het bedrijf zijn gevestigd in Göteborg (Zweden), Gent (België) en Chengdu (China), terwijl de motoren worden gemaakt in Skövde (Zweden) en Zhangjiakou (China) en de carrosserie-onderdelen in Olofström (Zweden).

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