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The new Volvo C30 SportsCoupe, C70 Coupe/Convertible and XC60 R-DESIGN were all unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009. The Volvo C30 and C70 showcased extensive facelifts, while the XC60 R-DESIGN displayed a series of new sporty visual features, along with a specially tuned sports chassis.



Offering a radical new look and an all-new Sports chassis, the new C30 looks set to capitalise on the success of its predecessor. The front of the Volvo C30 has been redesigned with the help of body panel changes to create a distinctive personality whilst closely aligning it to the S60 Concept and the new C70.


In the front grille sits the new, larger iron mark, as seen in the rest of the Volvo range. It also has a new honeycomb pattern, unique to the C30. The air intake has also been enlarged and now resembles the intake in the XC60.


Although the biggest design changes have taken place at the front, the rear also sports a range of updates, including a new colour-coded rear valance that is available in body colour or, to add a dramatic twist, in a contrasting colour.


Other new exterior features include the introduction of a vibrant Orange Flame Metallic colour, visible exhaust tailpipes in T5 models, two new wheel options (including a striking white wheel alternative) and the choice of five different colours on the lower trim from the new C30 Contrast Colour Collection, such as Blackcurrant, Java and Shadow Blue.


New expressive accessory styling kit

A new accessory styling kit has also been introduced to give the Volvo C30 even more sporting attitude. The kit includes foglamp décor, a front skidplate, side scuff plates and a rear skidplate with an aluminium look. For T5 variants, two 90 mm tail pipes in polished stainless steel are added to highlight the powerful engine.


Matching interior updates

The new Volvo C30 has a range of new interior options. There is now an all-new colour combination, Espresso/Blond, consisting of a dark brown upper section and a blond, fresh shade on the lower door sides. The blond tone is a grey/beige colour. The Espresso/Blond interior gives customers the opportunity to specify the new, bright accent colours which include orange, green and blue in the fabrics, as well as a new Cranberry colour for leather upholstery.


New Sport chassis

To compliment the Volvo C30's new dynamic style, an optional Sports chassis is available that gives the C30 a significantly sharper ride. The introduction of the Sports chassis means the car is lowered by 10 millimetres, resulting in a lower centre of gravity to enhance the driving characteristics. The steering is more precise owing to the installation of stiffer bushings. The steering ratio is lower, giving a 10 per cent faster response to steering wheel input and spring stiffness has been increased by 30 per cent to deliver a more dynamic ride. The dampers too are stiffer and are designed to build up pressure more quickly, while the roll stabilizers have also been stiffened to reduce any leaning tendency when cornering. The new sport chassis is standard on R-DESIGN models and available as an option on all other Volvo C30 variants except DRIVe.



Diesel engines

Power Output

Fuel Consumption


1.6D DRIVe

109 PS/240 Nm

62.8 mpg

119 g/km

1.6D DRIVe start/stop

109 PS/240 Nm

74.3 mpg

99 g/km


136 PS/320 Nm

49.6 mpg

151 g/km

Petrol engines





100 PS/150 Nm

40.4 mpg

167 g/km


145 PS/185 Nm

38.2 mpg

177 g/km


230 PS/320 Nm

32.5 mpg

203 g/km

The figures above are for versions with a manual gearbox running in the combined cycle.



At its launch in early 2006, the Volvo C70 broke new ground as the world's first four seater convertible with a retractable hard top. More than three years on, the new Volvo C70 coupe/convertible is set to break new ground with a refreshed design to give the car a new look, roof up or down. The new C70 retains the three-piece retractable roof, spacious seating for four adults and class-leading convertible safety standards as the outgoing model.


The front of the new C70 takes inspiration from the S60 Concept that was unveiled in early 2009, thereby making the C70 more closely aligned with the design of the larger cars in the Volvo range.


The refresh extends beyond plastic components as the front wings have been redesigned to give the nose a more distinct wedge-shape. The new headlamps now have a more pronounced upward orientation, whilst more detail has been added around the fog lamps and the lower grille. From the front, the bonnet and grille form an open, inviting "V" shape, whilst the enlarged iron mark and the new, larger air intakes reinforce a strong on-the-road stance. To offer even more road presence a dramatic Flamenco Red Pearl colour has been introduced.


The rear of the car continues the front's new bold design. High-tech LED lamps, as found on the XC60, are the most noticeable addition to the rear and the entire lamp unit is now clearly integrated with the oval that frames the new C70's rear panel.


The interior has also been given a refresh to create a more comfortable and luxury feel. The instrument panel has been redesigned to give it a wider, sleeker look with improved finish. The surface of the panel has a new texture that enhances the quality feel.


To further enhance comfort levels, the seats have been upholstered in a new, softer hide offering all occupants a greater level of comfort. It's also available in a new Cranberry colour finish.


Engine range

Diesel engines

Power Output

Fuel Consumption



180 PS/400 Nm

42.8 mpg

174 g/km


136 PS/320 Nm

47.1 mpg

158 g/km

Petrol engines





230 PS/320 Nm

31.7 mpg

209 g/km


170 PS/230 Nm

31.4 mpg

215 g/km

The figures above are for versions with a manual gearbox running in the combined cycle.



The XC60 has become the latest car to join the R-DESIGN stable. Showcasing a series of sporty visual features, the R-DESIGN package also adds a specially tuned sports chassis and sharper driving characteristics, enabling customers to enjoy the XC60's practicality together with more dynamic handling and distinctive styling.


The new dynamic driving properties of the XC60 R-DESIGN have been made possible with the introduction of a stiffer chassis and stiffer damping. This has been achieved without impacting dramatically on ride comfort allowing passengers to continue to enjoy a comfortable ride on any type of road surface. The chassis has not been lowered ensuring that the XC60 R-DESIGN maintains its ground clearance for off-road adventures. The more direct steering gear ratio also significantly improves the driving experience. Owing to faster steering response, the driver benefits from a more nimble feel and more precise communication with the road surface.


Refined sports styling

On the outside, the new car features the typical R-DESIGN attributes already seen on the C30 SportsCoupe, S40 saloon, V50 Sportswagon, V70 premium estate and XC90 SUV R-DESIGN models. Exterior highlights include door mirror housings, trim mouldings and décor trim all in matte silk metal finish, rear skid-plate, side scuff plates and twin chrome tailpipes. The 18" five-spoke Cratus aluminium wheels are only available on the R-DESIGN model and, for the first time, an option of 20" alloy wheels can be specified on the XC60 R-DESIGN.


The lower section of the car is also colour-matched to the rest of the body, instead of the matte black trim found on the standard S, SE and SE Lux models. This creates the impression that the car sits closer to the ground giving it a more dynamic look - even though ground clearance remains unchanged.


Inside the car, a metal finish is the dominant theme, with aluminium inserts in the steering wheel, door mouldings and the centre stack. The sports pedals are made of brushed aluminium, with rubber inserts for precise grip, feel and control. The steering wheel is trimmed with perforated leather and features the engraved R-DESIGN emblem offering the driver a constant reminder of the car's dynamic driving properties. The dark centre stack features a décor with a circular pattern that expands outwards in a dynamic way. This pattern reoccurs in the striping on the seats.


To give better cornering support and increased comfort in the front seats, both have been given an advanced sport seat design with two firmness levels in the backrest and seat cushions, thus providing a body hugging yet comfortable seating position.


Engine range

Diesel engines

Power Output

Fuel Consumption



175 PS/420 Nm

47.1 mpg

159 g/km


205 PS/420 Nm

40.9 mpg

183 g/km

Petrol engine





285 PS/400 Nm

24.1 mpg

274 g/km

The figures above are for versions with a manual gearbox running in the combined cycle, apart from the T6 engine which is only available with Geartronic transmission.



Volvo XC60, C30, C70, 2010
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