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    On average, it crashes at least one brand-new Volvo a day. And it has been instrumental in preserving Volvo Cars’ position as a leader in automotive safety to this very day. This year, the Volvo Cars Safety Centre crash lab celebrates its 20th anniversary. At the time of its opening by the Swedish king in 2000 it was one of the most advanced crash labs in the world, and in many ways it still is...
    Volvo Cars’ global sales continued to grow in November, with volumes up 6.4 per cent compared with the same period last year. The sales increase was driven by a strong performance in China and in the US, where losses from earlier COVID-19 shut-downs were fully recovered.
    Volvo Car UK has released new research findings to highlight the importance of driving at a safe speed and underline some of the best ways to keep families safe on the road.
    Volvo Cars engineers call it “the ultimate driving simulator”, but it is not just an excuse for them to indulge their inner gamer. Instead, the Swedish company’s ground-breaking mixed-reality simulator is used to make new strides in safety and autonomous driving technology.
    To allow rescue services to prepare for any possible crash scenario and to simulate the forces that erupt in the most extreme crashes, beyond what can be simulated with ordinary crash testing, Volvo Cars recently took equally extreme measures. For the first time, it dropped several new Volvos multiple times from a crane, from a height of 30 metres.
    Volvo Cars’ global sales continued to grow in October, with volumes up 7.1 per cent compared with the same period last year, driven by double-digit sales increases in China and the US.
    Volvo Cars is making significant investments that allow for the in-house design and development of electric motors for the next generation of Volvo models, as the company continues to move towards becoming a fully electric car maker.
    At Volvo Cars, they are known as the company’s in-house detectives. Yet they could also be called the Swedish car maker’s own CSI team, with a little twist on the acronym of TV fame. The crash scene investigators of the Volvo Car Accident Research Team, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, are ready around the clock to make sure that Volvo Cars learns from real-life accidents and const...
    Volvo Cars and its strategic affiliate Polestar can confirm that they will reduce fleet emissions beyond their joint CO2 target for 2020 as defined by the regulations set by the European Commission, adding further credibility to both companies’ strategic focus on electrification.
    Volvo Car UK is strengthening its consumer division with a series of new roles and appointments to upweight the focus on delivering and maintaining excellent consumer experience.
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