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Volvo adds 'big data' to every new car it sells in the UK

• Volvo Car UK makes a major advance in in-car connectivity, information, entertainment and safety, installing a data SIM card as standard in all new models

• Vodafone SIM card allows car and occupants to be fully connected, with a WiFi hotspot, access to apps, real-time traffic information and safety alerts

• Access to up to 100GB of data, independent of the user's own SIM-enabled devices

• Operation is seamless across 42 European countries and territories

• Enhanced connectivity is available for up to 12 months for no extra charge on top of the car's initial purchase price

• Initial usage contract lasts one year, after which the customer has the option to extend the agreement and continue to use the service by way of purchasing a data plan from Vodafone

• SIM card available on all Model Year 2020 Volvo models, with a simple retro-fit option for those already purchased


Volvo Car UK is boosting its in-car connectivity offering by fitting a data SIM card as standard to all its new models. The feature is being introduced on all Model Year 2020 cars from today, and can be retro-fitted with ease to any that have already been delivered to customers.


The SIM card allows the driver and their passengers to be fully connected at all times, with access to 100GB of data for up to one year, making this the longest and most generous Vodafone plan currently offered by a car maker in the UK. What's more, this facility is available for the first 12 months for no extra cost on top of the car's initial purchase price.


Operation of the SIM card, which is supported by Vodafone, is independent of any of the occupants' own SIM-equipped devices, so there is no impact on their personal or business data usage, or device's battery charge.


The provision of an integrated SIM card brings multiple benefits in terms of access to entertainment and information apps, Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) for efficient journey planning, and cutting-edge connected safety services. Users also benefit from a stronger signal while on the move, since reception is through their car's antenna.


The SIM card creates an on-board WiFi hotspot that can be used by up to eight devices. This makes life easier and more enjoyable for everyone on board – especially those customers with children, who can keep themselves entertained on long drives by streaming music or movies, or playing online games. It also gives seamless access to all the native information and entertainment apps that are built into the car's Sensus touchscreen system, including Spotify, TuneIn, Google Local Search, Yelp, Park and Pay, Record & Send, Weather and WikiLocation.


It allows Real Time Traffic Information to be gathered and viewed on the navigation screen, keeping you up to date on incidents and delays, and provided with efficient re-routing options for your programmed journeys. Further convenience is provided by over-the-air updates for the Sensus system's navigation maps and apps.


Automatic roaming covers 42 European countries and overseas territories, so performance is uninterrupted on any long, cross-continental drives.


As part of Volvo's industry-leading commitment to safety, the SIM card also enables alerts to be received and transmitted when a similarly connected (Volvo) car's hazard lights are triggered nearby, or slippery road surfaces are encountered. By sharing information in real time via a cloud-based network, Volvo cars can give drivers early warnings about potentially dangerous conditions ahead, reducing the risk of an accident.


For customers who have already taken delivery of a Model Year 2020 Volvo, the SIM card can be installed at the next workshop visit upon request, or they can contact their retailer to organise a convenient time for the necessary work to be done.


Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK Managing Director, said: "Being connected is a hugely important part of modern life, and in-car connectivity brings a whole host of benefits in terms of entertainment, information, journey planning and safety while on the move. By fitting a data SIM card to every new Volvo, we are ensuring that our customers can enjoy the cutting-edge technology in our cars to the full, while also making their lives easier and more enjoyable."


For more information on Volvo's in-car connectivity, please click here.




Note to editors:

The SIM card is supported by Vodafone and is enabled through the car's standard-fit Volvo On Call P-SIM function. It comes with a pre-paid data bundle with 100GB of data for a maximum of one year from the creation of the customer's account. After that time, the customer can purchase a top-up via their Vodafone Internet in the Car account, or choose not to have the SIM card active. Customers are required to accept the Vodafone terms and conditions. The contract applies only to the first user. If the car is sold during the first year of ownership, the SIM card will be de-registered; there is no value or offer available for second or subsequent owners or users.

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