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The prize winner - Lambda Sond


Over the years Volvo has been presented with many international awards, for the Volvo 240 in particular. In 1976 Volvo received the Don Safety Trophy in England and in the following year Volvo was awarded a US environmental prize for the catalytic converter with the Lambda Sond.


A world first
In 1976 Volvo presented a world first-catalytic exhaust emission control with the Lambda Sond. Back in 1970 Volvo had begun research work in order to comply with increasingly stringent emission control requirements, primarily in California.
Catalytic converter technology was an environmental breakthrough. Compared with an engine without special cleaning, it reduces the discharge of pollutants by some 90%. A growing number of countries have intro-duced more rigorous exhaust emission control standards and the use of the catalytic converter has spread accordingly. In 1988 seven out of every ten new Volvo cars had catalytic converters and a total of more than 1 million cars with catalytic converters had been produced.
In principle, the catalytic converter technique means that the hot exhaust gases are conducted through a container in which there is a sort of ceramic "honeycomb" covered with precious metal. When the exhaust gases come into contact with the precious metal they are converted into harmless substances already to be found in the air. The task of the Lambda Sond is to regulate the mixture of air and fuel so that optimum conversion is obtained.

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