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Volvo Car Group reduces December production volume in Torslanda and Ghent plants


Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) has decided to lower its December production volumes in the Torslanda and Ghent plants.


This reduction will be realised through a number of production-free days and the removal of a number of work shifts. In the Torslanda plant, there will be three production-free days in week 51, before the Christmas holidays. In Ghent, there will be two production-free days. Additionally, three individual work shifts (one in Ghent, two in Torslanda) will be removed from the December production schedule.


With regards to the production schedule for the first months of 2013, Volvo Cars has also decided to temporarily reduce the line speed of the Torslanda plant to 45 cars per hour as of week 4. This line speed reduction will have an impact on the amount of agency workers currently employed at the Torslanda plant.


"We have indicated before that we will need to be flexible in light of today's market situation, and that we will use the flexibility we have in our system when needed," says Lars Wrebo, Senior Vice President Manufacturing at Volvo Cars. "While sales volumes have shown a very positive trend in recent years, we have seen a continuous decline in customer demand in 2012 which so far has not picked up. Therefore a further adjustment to our production output is required."


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