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EU funding for competence enhancement


"Industrikompetens i väst", a jobcentre project specialising in industrial jobs and involving Volvo Cars, AB Volvo and several suppliers, has been granted 18 million kronor by the European Social Fund (ESF). The funds are earmarked for competence enhancement.


Through increased cooperation, the project aims both to enhance the employees' competence and the relevant companies' competitiveness in Västra Götaland County. The project also aims to create structures for continued training in joint programmes involving all the participating companies.


Politicians in the Västra Götaland region and interest organisations such as the Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and the Federation of Swedish Farmers have all agreed to the initiative. The ESF council will soon take a final decision on the issue.


Opportunity for some 3000 employees
The training programmes will be held at Göteborg Technical College, which is also the project applicant. About 3000 people are expected to be given the opportunity to further improve their competence thanks to this project.


The training programmes will cover five areas: efficient production systems, electrics and electronics, diversity and equal opportunities, new technical developments, and basic competence in core curriculum subjects.


"This is highly positive news for Volvo and something that we have long pursued. Support for competence enhancement in the company is an important tool for sharpening our competitiveness for the future. In difficult economic conditions in particular, this type of support - which comes in addition to our own investments in this area - is extremely valuable," says Thomas Fleischer, Director of the Governmental Affairs department at Volvo Cars.


Total budget 27 million
Over and above these 18 million kronor, the participating companies will be adding their own investments totaling almost nine million kronor. The total budget for the project is thus 27 million kronor. Volvo Cars' portion of the total is about seven million kronor.


Volvo Cars Body Components in Olofström is since earlier involved in a similar project. The project owner is Region Blekinge.


Twelve companies have been granted 20 million kronor. Volvo Cars Body Component's portion is six million kronor.

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