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Release of the "Box of Good Stories" on Volvo Cars Newsroom

Release of the "Box of Good Stories" on Volvo Cars Newsroom 

As a journalist registered for the Volvo Cars Newsroom you have access to the "Box of Good Stories" as of today. This electronic book contains short stories about the people behind the creative car design process.

If you click the "Box of Good Stories" icon on the entrance page of the Volvo Cars Newsroom (see the related screenshot), you will find stories with some related images and releases.

The intention is that you should find the people described in the story book interesting enough for you to request a personal interview.

The common denominator for the stories today is that they are all related to design in one way or another. There might be a portrait of a designer, where he or she comes from, what inspires him or her and what that creativeness has resulted in.
The latest story in the box was issued today. It is an interview where Maria Thunberg, colour and trim designer, tells her story about inspiration.

Maria Thunberg's work with the Volvo Ocean Race Edition was inspired by sail makers and yacht builders.

"After receiving the assignment, I spent weeks looking at sails and yachting materials," says Maria Thunberg.


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For further information about the Box of Good Stories or to book an interview with a designer, please contact Louise Malmström Anderberg, Public Affairs, or press officer Maria Bohlin,, telephone +46 31 596525


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