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Eco-kids Praised for Saving Park by City Mayor

Following their triumph in the 2008 Volvo Adventure World Final in Gothenburg last month, the kids of the ‘Green Sail' project in their home city of Nizhniy Novgorod have been praised for their work and congratulated on the world title by the city Mayor Mr. Vadim Bulavin.


Offering the congratulations of his city to the Green sail campaigners, Mr. Bulavin said, "I'm truly glad our youth team could win Volvo Adventure 2008. It's very important victory and it may be their first serious achievement in their lives."

He also praised the efforts not only of the five-strong Green Sail team but the city's youth in particular, commenting, "The young residents of our city are taking an active interest in protecting the environment and today young people are learning to protect nature.


"In future they will be the grown up people who will care about the environment and this level of awareness and enthusiasm of the students gives us hope that Nizhniy Novgorod will be ecologically clean in the future," he added.

And he conformed that his city administration will be honouring the achievement of the Green Sail team as well as encouraging the youth of the city to keep up the good work.


"I have already given the assignment to the Chairman of the Committee for Environment Protection and Natural Resources," said the mayor, adding, "The doors of the city administration are always open to residents of our city, who tend to make contribution for the prosperity of the city and care about their city as much as they care about their homes."


The Mayor also revealed his the city had supported Green Sail from the outset, explaining, "We have always helped and will keep on assisting people to implement such projects."


"The ‘Nizhniy Novgorod Youth' Program was launched last year with the aim of supporting important projects for development of youth. Green Sail was among the first organizations to get the support - they obtained funds from the city budget. The project of the team is of great interest."


He concluded, "There are different viewpoints about the development of big cities and in particular it's the issue of 'Dubki' Park and each viewpoint should be seriously studied," giving the assurance, "The city administration will create all the necessary provisions to allow Green Sail to successfully implement the project and their position will always be considered in decision-making process."


Julia Udina, one of the triumphant Green Sail team said, "That's great news to hear that the city will continue to support us," her world champion team-mate Arthur Erofyev adding, "We look forward to working alongside the administration in developing our project and ensuring a sustainable future for Dubky Park."


The 2008 / 2009 Volvo Adventure is already underway with eco-friendly schools, clubs and groups working hard at all points of the compass with two aims in mind, first, improving their own local environment and then aiming for a place at the Volvo Adventure World Final in May 2009.

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