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About Volvo Car Corporation 2007-2008

About Volvo Car Corporation 2007 - 2008


In March 2008 we have entered into an entirely new segment, crossover cars, with our Volvo XC60, which was launched at Geneva Motor Show.


This autumn will see the start of the Volvo Ocean Race from Alicante in Spain. Eight months, five oceans and 37,000 nautical miles later, the yachts will cross the finishing line in St Petersburg, Russia.


2007 was a tough but satisfying year for Volvo Cars. We are living in a world of rising raw material costs, a weak dollar exchange rate and increased competition. And yet we beat our sales record by selling 458,323 cars. We have never previously sold so many Volvo cars in one single year.


In March 2007 we launched two entirely new generations of the Volvo V70 and Volvo XC70 at the Geneva motor show and are thus reinforcing our position as best in the world in estate cars.


As part of our focus on the environment, in 2008 we will launch the Volvo V70 with a 2.5-litre turbocharged Flexifuel engine running on both ethanol and petrol.


Another sign of our dedication to future sustainable engine technologies is our ReCharge Concept Car, an electric plug-in hybrid that is conveniently recharged via a standard electrical power socket.


During 2007 we launched an enhanced corporate philosophy, Our Tomorrow, in which we have built further on and sharpened our values so we are better equipped to meet tomorrow's razor-sharp competition. The basic parameter that characterises our corporate philosophy and culture is the power of we.


2008 is an exciting year to us.


Our mission:

We design cars for a better life


Volvo Car Corporation (VCC) is proud of its history and we are looking after one of the industry's strongest brands - Volvo. Volvo was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson. The first car left the factory on 14 April, 1927, it was called ÖV4 (Jakob). (See History.)

The global brand tagline Volvo. for life is linked to the company's heritage. It summarises the soul of the Volvo brand and captures the essence of our mission.


Since 1999 VCC has been 100% owned by Ford Motor Company.
The ‘Volvo' name is the property of Volvo Trademark Holding AB, which is owned jointly by Volvo Car Corporation and the company's former owner, AB Volvo.


For more information, please visit or


Volvo Cars sales and service network covers about 100 countries, comprising some 2,400 sales outlets and service workshops around the world, including about 1,500 in Europe and 400 in North America and the rest in other countries.

Much of the network is composed of independent companies working with Volvo Car Corporation (VCC) as a business partner.

Volvo Cars' four largest markets are the USA, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain.




XC90    79,140
S40 63,062
V50  62,348
V70 49,900
C30 46,726
S80 (All-new) 41,839
S60  41,726
XC70 22,676
V70 (All-new) 19,197
C70 (New)  17,415
XC70 (All-new) 13,603
S80  688
C70   3
Total: 458,323


VCC has major production plants in Sweden and Belgium. We have assembling in China (Chongqing), Malaysia and Thailand.

The production of vital components, such as engines, and body components, is mainly based in Sweden.
Volvo Car Corporation's headquarter and other corporate functions are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. President and CEO is Fredrik Arp.

Contact information to VCC headquarter is:

Volvo Car Corporation
Public Affairs

PVH50, 50200
SE-405 31 Göteborg


Telephone (switchboard): +46 31 590000

Fax: +46 31 544064


There are about 6 million Volvo car owners around the world. Service is available from more than 2,400 authorised Volvo workshops in 100 countries.

More than 100 million business transactions involving parts are carried out every year within the Volvo Cars organisation. The Volvo Parts main office in Gothenburg is in round-the-clock contact with all Volvo service facilities by computerised communication and satellites. For emergencies, the organisation in Gothenburg is open 24 hours a day.


Total amount of employees, 31 December 2007: 24,384.


SWEDEN, TOTAL    17,616         BELGIUM 
Göteborg (the plant) 4,763  Ghent  4,110
Olofström 1,849   
Skövde (incl Floby)  2,664   
Göteborg other  8,340   


Market companies, 2,128
The number of employees in the final assembly production are; in Thailand 256 and Malaysia 274.


In 2007 461,108 cars were produced (2006 426,535). Volvo Cars Gent plant produced 240,192 cars, Volvo Cars Torslanda plant 193,370 cars, Uddevalla plant 20,306 cars, Chongqing 7,313 cars, Thailand 441 cars and Malaysia 486 cars.


Production of Volvo Cars' new generation of convertibles, Volvo C70, takes place in the Uddevalla plant which is operated by Pininfarina Sverige AB - a company jointly owned by Volvo Cars (40%) and Pininfarina SpA (60%).


The Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Coproration Ltd., in Chongqing in China, produces the Volvo S40 since 2006. There is assembly units in Thailand and Malaysia.


In Sweden components are manufactured at Volvo Car Corporation's plants in Skövde (engines), Olofström (body components) and Floby (connecting rods and brake discs).


Volvo Car Corporation offers a variety of recruitment services around the world.


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