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During 2005 the automotive industry experienced a challenging year. Higher oil prices strongly influenced development in many countries. European car manufacturers were also facing growing competition from Asia, along with tougher price competition in the US. The many global natural disasters that occurred during the year led to an increased global concern for environmental issues. This trend, coupled with higher fuel prices and an increase in environmental regulations and incentives, made the public consider fuel economy more than ever before.
Although Volvo Cars is a relatively small company in the automotive world, our brand is global and so is our influence.
Perhaps the most important challenge we face as a carmaker is to demonstrate how we can contribute to sustainable mobility.
At Volvo Cars this responsibility involves more than developing and supplying technology and knowhow. We also have a responsibility to market sustainable solutions to our customers. Furthermore, in partnership with other players, our aim is to develop solutions to problems that affect both the local and national infrastructures.

  • Our work within the sustainability area defines how we at Volvo Cars are living up to our obligations at global and local level, and as a carmaker. Our mission is to market safe and attractive cars which offer top-class environmental performance and enhance the quality of life of our customers. Our work must be carried out in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Among other things, this means that we must:
  • be a developmental and reliable employer and business partner;
  • take account of environmental and social issues in purchasing, production and distribution;
  • contribute knowledge;
  • be honest, transparent and active within the communities in which we operate.Through our involvement in the UN’s Global Compact, we are committed to work for human rights and sustainable global development. This is an ongoing process which must permeate all of our activities and must be integrated in our business plans. Every manager and employee is responsible for its implementation.


Since 2000, we have published an annual report describing how we are contributing to sustainable development. This year our Sustainability Report focuses on three areas;


safe and sustainable mobility


workplace health and safety




Our sustainability scorecard continues to show a positive trend but many future challenges face us. Global results can only be achieved through cooperation and partnerships, and this report serves as one of the tools in engaging with our stakeholders.


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