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Volvo Cross Country will attract new buyers, old friends


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Building on the success of the first generation Volvo Cross Country, the 2001 model will appeal to both traditional Volvo buyers and new customers who may be attracted to sports utility vehicles but are unwilling to sacrifice ride, handling, convenience, safety and fuel economy.


The mix of traditional and conquest sales will ensure the success of the new Cross Country in Canada, says the president of Volvo Cars of Canada Ltd.


"Since its introduction in 1997, we have developed a growing base of Cross Country owners," explains Ken Brusca, president of Volvo Cars of Canada. "They appreciate the unique appeal of the Cross Country - all of the ride, handling, style and safety of a Volvo with the All Wheel Drive traction and ground clearance to safely take them on their outdoor adventures. We expect to retain a substantial number of buyers from this group."


"The new opportunity is with buyers attracted to the appearance and four-wheel-drive attributes of conventional SUVs, but who are unwilling to compromise on the safety, ride-and-handling, fuel economy and convenience of a premium car," says Brusca. "The new Cross Country will appeal to consumers looking at SUVs for the first time, and existing SUV owners who want to get back to civilization."


The rugged good looks of the new Cross Country -- higher ground clearance, aggressive stance, taller tires, flared fenders and attractive body cladding -- promote it from conventional wagon to "ready for adventure" machine. The Cross Country's smooth power, All Wheel Drive and nimble handling deliver the real-world traction and control to match the car's good looks and the practical needs of most buyers, says Brusca.


"It's well known that most SUVs never see real off-road activity. The most challenging driving conditions they face is the road up to the ski hill or the trail down to the lake. Cottage roads, mountain trails, snowy hills - this is the real world and where the new Cross Country excels," Brusca says.


Marketing the new Cross Country will appeal to the buyers' passion for the outdoors and active lifestyle, Brusca confirms.


"This is an opportunity to build on our success with the first generation Cross Country," concludes Brusca. "With more of everything that made the original car successful, we believe the new Cross Country will have wide appeal."


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Lisa Graham

Volvo Cars of Canada Ltd.



Doug Mepham

MacDonald & Co.


XC70 (2007), Safety
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