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    Call it a step counter for electrified cars: drivers of Volvo plug-in-hybrid cars can now gain new insights into their electric driving patterns, as Volvo Cars introduces a range of new features on its Volvo on Call smartphone app in all Volvo on Call markets.
    Today Volvo Car Canada Ltd. reported sales of 829 units for the month of June, a month over month increase of 36 percent.
    The Volvo Cars manufacturing plant in Chengdu, the company’s largest in China, is now powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity, taking the company’s global renewable electricity mix in its manufacturing network to 80 per cent.
    Today Volvo Car Canada Ltd. reported sales of 604 units for the month of May, a month over month increase of 135 percent
    Every new Volvo car now comes with a limited top speed of 180kph, as Volvo Cars delivers on its promise made last year to introduce such a limitation and goes beyond regulation and legislation to help close the remaining gap to zero serious injuries and fatalities in traffic.
    Volvo Cars, a global leader in automotive safety, is setting new safety and technology standards by partnering with tech firm Luminar to provide their industry-leading LiDAR and perception technology for Volvo’s next generation cars.
    Today Volvo Car Canada Ltd. reported year to date sales of 1,652 units, a seven percent increase month over month.
    We hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy during these unprecedented circumstances.
    Zenuity, the assisted and autonomous driving software development company, will be split into two parts to maximise the potential of Zenuity’s developments to date.
    Today Volvo Car Canada Ltd. reported first quarter sales of 1,396 units, a decrease of 29 percent versus the same period last year.
    Total Items (1525)

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