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Fun, function and flexibility together in family-friendly Volvo V70


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The old notion that family transportation had to be dreary and boring has been disspelled by the new Volvo V70 -- a wagon designed for families who want a little fun with their functionality.


The 2001-model V70, a purpose-built wagon based on the sophisticated and successful Volvo large car platform, is first and foremost a family vehicle. With more useable interior space than the model it replaces, the new V70 clearly expands the functionality of the wagon design. But the many imaginative features inside the V70 also increase its real-world utility.


Some features are as simple as a few degrees of seat backrest angle. In the rear seat, the backrest angle can be moved slightly forward to accommodate large cargo in the rear without folding the entire seat forward. When it is necessary to fold it forward, the seat does so easily to create a flat floor -- thanks to the integration of the seatbelts and cargo safety net into the seat back. Others are more complex, like the folding grocery bag holder hidden under the floor in the load compartment which eliminates the chances that escaped groceries end up rolling around the rear compartment or floor: No more fishing grapefruit and canned peas from under the seat.


Because families use the whole interior and not just the front seat, the V70 design adds a little entertainment value to the rear seat. An available folding table, complete with beverage holder, serves rear seat passengers for eating and playing. Similarly, a trash bag holder makes the space a little more liveable.


Conveniences abound in the V70 wagon. On the front passenger side, a small hook near the centre tunnel can secure a purse or trash bag. Available two-zone electronic climate control, enhanced ventilation, a cabin pollen filter with available carbon filtration and gas sensing system, available third seat, more beverage holders -- the comfort and convenience is everywhere in the new V70. Even little things make a big difference: A small button on the inboard side of the front passenger seat headrest allows the driver to store a jacket within easy reach (moving the coat from the traditional hanger also improves visibility and safety).


Child safety was a special consideration in the design of the new V70. The world=s first rearward-facing ISO-FIX child safety seat mounting is included as standard equipment in the V70. The optional seat system is really two seats in one:

  • A smaller seat for babies up to the age of nine months, with a convenient carrier handle that makes it easy to lift out of the car.
  • A larger seat for children between nine months and three years.


Both seats are anchored in a frame that is secured using the car's ISO-FIX attachment points, which greatly reduces the risk of the seat being installed incorrectly. The rear seat also includes integrated booster seats for larger children.


Of course, the safety of all occupants is an important part of the family appeal of the Volvo V70. With its holistic approach to safety, Volvo Car Corporation has integrated the design of the car and the latest safety technologies into what the company believes is the safest wagon it has ever built. The Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) front seats, three-point seat belts with pre-tensioners at all five seating positions, dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags, Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) technology with side airbags, and the Inflatable Curtain (IC) first developed for the S80 sedan are all standard equipment on the new V70.


Starting with a clean sheet of paper made it easier for the Volvo designers and engineers to blend the many safety features into a modern, dynamic, fun-to-drive design. Although shorter and slightly wider than the model it replaces, the new V70 has greater torsional stiffness and improved weight distribution. The highly acclaimed suspension developed for the S80 has been adapted to the new V70, resulting in exceptional handling that is as predictable when fully loaded as it is with the car empty. The Dynamic Stability & Traction Control system developed for the S80 is also available on the new wagon. Enhanced ABS brakes, power from a pair of turbocharged five-cylinder engines, five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission (with Geartronic function in the T5 version), and an array of available wheel and tire options all contribute to the performance of the V70, ensuring fun and function in equal measures.


As comfortable and dynamic as a fine European sedan with all of the versatility, flexibility and safety of a Volvo wagon, the new V70 brings together the best aspects of sporty performance and safety in a premium wagon for families who won't compromise.


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Lisa Graham

Volvo Cars of Canada Ltd.



Doug Mepham

MacDonald & Co.


V70 (2007)
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