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A year of evolution for sophisticated, elegant Volvo S80


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The 2002 model year is one of evolutionary change and renewal for the sophisticated, elegant Volvo S80 sedan, the flagship model of Volvo Car Corporation.


Mid-year enhancements include new interior treatment, new colours and monochromatic exterior trim, as well as powertrain improvements.


With its well-earned reputation for style with safety, the Volvo S80 has claimed a share of the luxury market by being a unique and timely interpretation of luxury for a new era. For 2002, enhancements like revised Volvo Navigation System with DVD and new features (Jan. '02), and improved traction control in the Stability &Traction Control (STC) and TRACS system, continue to position S80 at the head of the technology class. A revised engine management system has also improved torque and driveability.


But it is the fine lines of the S80 and the elegant appointments that wrap all of the precise engineering and thoughtful safety features into a true luxury automobile with a European flavour and a particular Volvo point of view. Inside, the orthopaedically-designed seats with two-level heating and three memory positions keyed to the owners' remote locking modules, fine leather trim and steering wheel (with built in cruise and audio controls), personal security technologies, premium audio systems and dozens of other features all contribute to the simple joy of being in a Volvo S80.


Two model variants -- the Volvo S80 2.9 and S80 T6 -- continue to provide alternatives for discerning buyers seeking a new and confident statement of luxury. For 2002, an executive edition of the Volvo S80 will be available for the T6 version. The S80 Executive shares exterior dimensions with the standard S80 but offers revised rear seating with additional leg room, wider rear doors and rear window shade, as well as available audio, video and convenience options designed for limousine or other specialty services.


The Volvo S80 also remains as the clear leader in safety. With a Five Star/Five Star crash test rating from U.S. government agencies and the highest rating for crashworthiness and 'Best Pick' designation by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the S80 has won industry acclaim and contributed new designs and new technologies to the Volvo safety repertoire.


The 2002 Volvo S80 sedan features an array of best-in-class safety innovations, including driver and front passenger dual-stage Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags which work in harmony with the car's three-point seat belts with pyrotechnic pre-tensioners. This 'smart' system uses a sensor to register the severity of an impact and adapts the airbag inflation accordingly while coordinating actions with the seat belt. In case of a severe impact, the airbag is designed to inflate instantly to full capacity at the same time as the seat belt tensioner eliminates any slack in the belt. The belt then 'gives' slightly to gently restrain the occupant before the airbag takes over to complete the safety sequence.


In cases of less severe impact (impact still great enough to cause potential injury), the airbag is designed to inflate in two stages: inflation to 70 per cent of capacity followed by full inflation one-tenth of a second later. Occupants, particularly those sitting closer to the wheel or dashboard, are subject to less force when the bag deploys. The reduced inflation sequence is also used at lower speeds when the system determines that an occupant is not wearing a seat belt.


Since its introduction in 1998, the Volvo S80 has offered the most comprehensive occupant safety regime of any car in the company's history, including Volvo-developed Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) with side air bags for front seat passengers and Inflatable Curtain (IC) protection for front- and rear-seat passengers, Whiplash Protection system (WHIPS) front seats and padded head restraints for all seats, as well as numerous other occupant safety features.


S80 also continues to showcase Volvo Car Corporation's commitment to improved environmental performance. An innovative system helps protect occupants against air pollutants and odours. Part of the available Security Package, the Interior Air Quality System enhances the performance of the standard pollen and dust filter. The system places a sensor in the cabin air intake to detect nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides and hydrocarbons in the air. The sensor can switch the ventilation system to re-circulate interior air rather than fill the cabin with exhaust, oil and gas fumes. An additional multi-filter with active carbon elements reduces both particles and airborne toxins.


The luxurious interior not only feels welcoming and comfortable, it's also a cleaner environment. All of the textiles used inside the Volvo S80 are certified in accordance with the international Öko-Tex Standard to also ensure they do not give off harmful vapour or create allergic reactions for sensitive passengers.


Of course, the Volvo S80 pioneered the PremAir™ radiator treatment that converts up to 75 per cent of ground level ozone it encounters into oxygen, and was the first car in the world to come with an Environmental Product Declaration, a comprehensive audit of the environmental impacts and controls in the design, manufacture, use and subsequent recycling of the car.


All Volvo models are covered by a comprehensive 48 month/80,000 kilometre warranty and standard 48 month Volvo On Call roadside assistance program that contributes to worry-free enjoyment for Volvo owners. Volvo automobiles are sold and serviced by authorized Volvo retailers in major markets across Canada.


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Lisa Graham

Volvo Cars of Canada Ltd.


Doug Mepham

MacDonald & Co.


S80 (2007), 2002
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