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Safety engineering is a fundamental value behind everything we do. Some of our latest safety innovations include:

  • The ISO-FIX child seat mounting system. An alarming percentage of child safety seats are used incorrectly. Tens of thousands of children are at risk. That's why Volvo developed a child seat mounting system that is virtually foolproof to use and very secure. And because we believe all children should be protected, not just those in Volvos, we lobbied the U.S. Congress, which was so impressed with the idea it will be required on all 2003 cars. Volvo offers it now in the new V70, Cross Country, S40 and V40.
  • Full Length Inflatable Curtains offer a new level of protection in the event of a side impact. In addition to side air bags, the Inflatable Curtain (IC) inflates in 25 thousandths of a second across front and rear side windows. This protective curtain has been shown to absorb as much as 75% of the energy exerted by the head when it is thrown to the side. It offers additional protection in the event of multiple collisions by remaining inflated for about 3 seconds before deflation occurs. It thus reduces the risk of an occupant being partially thrown through a side window as well as the possibility of intrusion of external objects. The Inflatable Curtain, together with SIPS structural protection and SIPS air bags, represents what may be the most comprehensive side impact protection of any production automobile in the world.
  • Whiplash Protection Seating System (WHIPS). This system, unique to Volvo, is designed to provide markedly better protection from neck and back injuries. In the event of a rear impact the WHIPS seat responds immediately. First the seatback/headrest assembly moves back and then tilts down, absorbing the impact and -- in laboratory tests -- reducing acceleration forces on the neck by up to 50%.
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