Heritage - Volvo 900 and 90 series

VOLVO 900/90 series (1990-1998)

VOLVO 900/90 series (1990-1998)

Autumn 1990 saw the launch of the Volvo 900-series, in time for the 1991 model year. The new Volvo 960 and 940 succeeded the outgoing Volvo 760 and 740, which had been on the market since the early eighties.


The Volvo 960 was the more luxurious version, powered by an all-new in-line 6-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 3 litres. It was an advanced all-aluminium power unit with double overhead camshafts and 4 valves per cylinder. This engine represented the first stage in an entirely new generation of in-line engines, which eventually extended into the creation of a new series of 5-cylinder and 4-cylinder Volvo engines.


The Volvo 940 featured 4-cylinder petrol engine or a 6-cylinder turbo-diesel


The 960 Estate was the natural choice for discerning customers who wanted a car offering a unique combination of comfort, safety, ergonomics, space and versatility, a combination much appreciated by drivers and passengers interested in activities like golf, sailing or hunting.


The 940 estate almost became as legendary as its predecessor the 240 estate, not least being the last rear-wheel drive Volvo model (together with the S90/V90 series).


In 1996, the Volvo S90 and V90 replaced the 960 Sedan and Estate, being re-badged versions of the Volvo 960. A new model designation system had been introduced by Volvo Cars during the year which meant that sedans were called S, estate cars V for versatility and the upcoming coupes were named C. 



Model: 960, 940, S90, V90

Produced: 668,046. (960 sedan: 112,710 , 960 estate: 41,619, 940 sedan: 246,704, 940 estate: 231,677, S90: 26,269, V90: 9,067)

Body: 4-door sedan / 5-door estate

Engines 960: 6-cylinder in-line, 2.5 litres(170 hp) or 3.0 litres (204 hp).

Engines 940: 4-cylinder in-line, 2.0/2.3 litres (111-190 hp) and 6-cylinder in-line 2.4 litre Turbo-Diesel (82-122 hp)

Transmission: 5-speed manual or 4-speed manual with overdrive.4-speed automatic

Brakes: Hydraulic, all-round disc brakes

Dimensions: Overall length 487 cm Wheelbase 277 cm.

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