Axel Maschka - Senior Vice President, Purchasing

Axel Maschka, CV and Biography

Present position: Senior Vice President, Purchasing, Volvo Car Corporation
Born: 1966
Education: Engineering Degree at University of Stuttgart, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris
Previous positions:
2010-2011 Founder and President, AMA Advisors
2008-2009 Executive Vice President and CEO, Business Unit Engine Systems, Continental
2006-2008 Vice President & Business Head Starter Motors, Generators & Electrical Drives, Bosch India
2005-2006 Vice President Marketing, Business Development & Sales Controlling, Bosch Diesel Systems
2001-2005 Director of Sales & Application for Renault/Nissan, Bosch Diesel Systems
1998-2001 Senior Associate/Project Manager Automotive Practice Europe, Booz Allen & Hamilton
1992-1997 Service Marketing Product Manager, Daimler Benz


Civil status: Married, three children.


Axel Maschka is a native of Stuttgart and grew up in the area. After graduating from the University of Stuttgart with a degree in Engineering, Mr. Maschka spent two years at the prestigious ENST telecommunications university in Paris before starting his professional career with Daimler Benz. Following a brief stint with consultancy Booz Allen & Hamilton in Germany at the turn of the century, where he had assignments for AB Volvo, Volvo Aero, VCF Europe and Volvo Trucks, Mr. Maschka returned to Stuttgart in 2001 to join automotive giant Robert Bosch. During his period at Bosch, Mr. Maschka acquired valuable international management experience in, among others, Paris, Tokyo and Bangalore.


In 2008, Mr. Maschka became President and CEO of the engine systems entity of automotive supplier Continental. Before joining Volvo Car Corporation, he was founder and President at his own professional services firm AMA Advisors. Besides being fluent in German, English and French, Mr. Maschka also speaks some Spanish and Danish. He is married and has three children. On his leisure time, Mr. Maschka enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing.

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