Press Conference: Volvo Car Corporation reveals new technological strategies

sep 05, 2011 ID: 39941

New technological strategies revealed at a press conference


Volvo Car Corporation revealed a world-class technology initiative, including the company's new engine strategy and new competitive architecture on Monday, September 5.


Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO, and Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development, presented the new strategies on Monday 5th of September, 13.15 CET at a press conference.


To view the recorded version of the press conference, please click the link or go to "Related videos".

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Omschrijvingen en feiten in dit persmateriaal zijn gerelateerd aan Volvo Cars`s internationale auto gamma. Omschreven features kunnen optioneel zijn. Voertuigomschrijvingen kunnen variëren per land en mogen worden aangepast zonder voorafgaande notificatie.