Inductive battery charging (with explaining text)

mei 19, 2011 ID: 38270
Inductive battery charging (with explaining text)
A charging plate is buried in the ground, for instance in the driveway at home where the car is parked. The charging plate consists of a coil that generates a magnetic field. When the car is parked above the plate, energy from the plate is transferred without contact to the car’s inductive pick-up. The energy that is transferred is alternating current and this is then converted into direct current in the car’s built-in voltage converter, which in turn charges the car’s battery pack. Charging a battery pack of the size fitted to the Volvo C30 Electric, 24 kWh, takes about an 2.5h, if the battery is entirely discharged. The charging system that has been tested is dimensioned for 20 kW.
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