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ICA and Siemens in 'One Tonne Life' - helping a family reduce its carbon footprint

ICA and Siemens in 'One Tonne Life'  

- helping a family reduce its carbon footprint


ICA and Siemens are now joining 'One Tonne Life' as industry partners - a world-unique test in which a family with children will try to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions to one tonne per person per year.

ICA will be responsible for the family's food supply and help the family members to make conscious choices that reduce their carbon footprint via their meals. Siemens will be equipping the household with appliances of the highest quality when it comes to energy and water consumption.

Both of the companies will be contributing with information on how the family members can reduce their carbon footprint with regard to food handling, dish washing, laundry and cleaning.


At the start of 2011, a two-child family will be selected to start living a 'One Tonne Life' in a newly built detached house just outside Stockholm. Coming down to one tonne per person is a tough challenge, bearing in mind that the annual world average is about seven tonnes.

The project has been initiated by A-hus, Vattenfall and Volvo Cars. The companies will provide the family with a climate smart house, a battery-powered car, renewable electricity, electricity consumption measuring technology and expert advice.

Now that ICA and Siemens have joined the group, 'One Tonne Life' covers two more areas of expertise. Food is a significant part of our carbon footprint. Household appliances represent approximately half of the family's electricity consumption, disregarding heating and hot water.


ICA wants to help customers make conscious choices for the environment

Food represents approximately 1/4 of a household's carbon footprint, which is where ICA sees major opportunities to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide through active choices.

"With a wide selection of eco-labelled, organic and locally-produced goods we are already making it easier for our customers to make better choices for the environment. By participating in 'One Tonne Life', we hope to find new ways to involve and help our customers to make simple but significant choices, in our stores as well as at home in the kitchen," says ICA's Environmental Manager, Maria Smith.

ICA also has a goal of reducing their own company's carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020, compared to the 2006 level.


The quest for energy-efficient household appliances

Household appliances make up almost half of a normal household's total energy consumption - and how they are used also affects the size of your electricity bill.

For Siemens, environmental issues are of the highest priority in the development of the future's household appliances. Over the past 15 years, Siemens has pressed down their products' energy consumption by 40-80% - and the figures for energy and water consumption in the most efficient appliances is world-class.

"Our goal is to contribute with new technology that ensures that tomorrow's households, with consideration paid to the environment, can continue to live as comfortably as we do today. The products that the 'One Tonne Life' family are getting show just how far we've already come. We'll also be helping the family to use their white goods in the most environmentally efficient way," says Michael Steinle, CEO of Siemens Household Northern Europe.


For more information, please contact:

Petra Cederhed, A-hus, phone: +46 (0)340-66 65 10, e-mail:

Mikael Björnér, Vattenfall, phone: +46 (0)730-54 82 29, e-mail:

Malin Persson, Volvo Car Corporation, phone +46 (0)31-325 41 52, e-mail:

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