Press Releases

    Designed in Southern California by Volvo Monitoring Concept Center, A Milder Sibling of Volvo’s High Performance PCC 2 Wagon Is Introduced at SEMA
    Five hundred times per second, a microprocessor monitors the precise position of each wheel, assessing its degree of grip,…altering the damping characteristics of each individual wheel accordingly, AND with 300 horsepower to boot!
    With one of the world's most advanced dynamically controlled chassis, electronically managed four-wheel drive and 300 bhp of power on tap, the Volvo Performance Concept Car is a study of a future high-performance car.
    The S60 Performance Concept engineering and design study to identify and test technical solutions plus design structures that will support a high-performance European touring sedan.
    Volvo Continues to Boost its V70 Wagon's Performance Image with Striking High Performance Concept Model