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Irv Gordon, "Volvo's Two Million Mile Man," swears by the regular oil


changes, car washes and under-the-hood check-ups that have kept


his shiny red Volvo P1800 in working order since 1966


NEW YORK (FEB. 6, 2002) -- On March 27, Long Island-native Irv Gordon will drive his 1966 Volvo P1800 to Times Square to reach a milestone no other individual has accomplished: driving two million miles in the same vehicle.


Reaching this milestone has had less to do with good fortune than it has had to do with Gordon providing meticulous care for his 1966 Volvo P1800 the past 36 years. And, while most people won't drive their cars one million miles, nor keep them so long, Gordon offers 10 tips to help keep cars running as long as possible:

  • Start with a car you like. "To reach two million miles, you're going to spend more than 40,000 hours driving if you average 50 mph. This means your car is going to be a home away from home. If you don't like your car, you'll never go the distance."
  • Change your oil and filter regularly. "If there is any one maintenance activity that will extend the life of your car's engine, this is it. Considering the relatively low cost of oil and filters, this is the cheapest insurance policy your car will ever have."
  • Use factory equipment parts. "Avoid using parts by independent companies -- go with factory parts. The people who built your car can afford to experiment more than you can in an effort to select the best part. Factory parts may sometimes be more expensive, but they are definitely compatible with your car. I believe in keeping my Volvo a Volvo."
  • Use one brand of oil. "Surprises are nice at birthday parties, but you don't want them under your car's hood. Using one brand of oil assures uniform quality and no surprises."
  • Spend a few minutes a week checking under the hood. "Even the most mechanically challenged car owners can look for low fluid levels or deterioration of belts and hoses. Also look to see that the battery connections are tight and corrosion free. These are the most common sources of trouble on the road."
  • Wash your car regularly. "Use a mild soap and wash your car by hand. In the winter, hose underneath the vehicle. A clean car gives you an excellent opportunity to look for small nicks and scratches, which may be touched up before rust begins to form."
  • Wax at least twice a year. "The value of waxing goes well beyond making your car look nicer than your neighbors'. It provides protection against oxidation and rust."
  • Develop a good working relationship with your dealer and mechanic. "Both are your partners over the long run. If they know you're a serious, regular customer, they'll give you the help and advice you need, as you need it."
  • Use gasoline from a high volume station. "Those old, country-store gas stations that look like relics are just that -- relics. Without heavy traffic, the gasoline remains in their storage units for extended periods of time, which causes water contamination in their fuel supply due to condensation."
  • When your car makes a funny noise, listen to it. "Don't turn up the radio and hope that knocking noise goes away. If your car develops a condition, take it in and have it fixed quickly. The longer you wait, the greater potential for damage."


Gordon will drive his two-millionth mile on March 27, at Volvo Cars of North America's 75th anniversary party in Times Square Studios on 44th and Broadway, New York.



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Volvo Cars of North America,



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