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Who is Clive Bengtsson?


He is Volvo's oldest crash test dummy and therefore probably the world's oldest. A very proud Volvo employee. He has always been living at Hisingen, and in the area close to the Volvo Car Corporation office in Gothenburg.


He has been working at the Volvo Safety Centre since 1964 and knows these things about traffic safety very well.He is middle aged, bachelor and the Safety Representative at the Safety Centre.He is not only testcrashing products at the Safety Centre but is also consultant at many different departments within Volvo. For instance, he is often hired at Design.


Clive rather calls himself Pain Researcher than the more negative and common Dummy. You shouldn't call him crash test dummy when he can hear you! He can also be a little bit irritated with the "younger" crash test dummies as he considers them to have a quite cool and easy job compared to him when he was a youngster. He is coming back to this matter now and then, but thinks still that the development on the whole is positive.


"Softies" - that's another word for "people" among Clive and the other Pain Researchers.Because the "softies" can't stand the same amont of abuse as they can.


Clive is enthusiastic and a little bit stubborn. He can really be a source of irritation to his environment. Not everybody is that interested in the safety issues as himself - the whole time. Deep in his heart Clive is a warm person, though he has some attitude.Volvo's latest whiplash dummy, Mary, discovers the warm person hidden behind the attitude: Clive and Mary becames a couple.


Clive moves exactly like a human being, in other words not like a robot. Limping, repaired and partly replaced with the number 13 written in ink on his cheeks. Faults and ticks gives evidence of hard work.

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