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Irv Gordon Fun Facts


Irv Gordon Fun Facts

  • 0 = the number of people besides Gordon who have driven his P1800
  • 11 = the number of collisions Gordon has been in
  • More than 800 = out of the 1,670 Waffle Houses Gordon has visited
  • 48 = out of the 50 U.S. states Gordon's P1800 has seen
  • Hawaii = the place Gordon would most like to take his car that he hasn't already
  • 9 = number of countries Gordon and his P1800 have visited
  • Sweden = favorite place Gordon and his P1800 have visited
  • 48 = number of state capitals Gordon and his P1800 have visited
  • Empire State Building, Yankee stadium, Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Washington Monuments, White House, Constitution Hall, Colorado's Pike Peak, Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley, Painted Desert, Petrified Forrest, Crater Lake, Biosphere (Arizona), Brookhaven National Lab = just a few of the landmarks Gordon's P1800 has visited
  • In 1987-88, Mike Tyson's then girlfriend, Robin Givens, asked Mike to buy Gordon's car for her. He explained that it was on display at the Chicago Auto Show, and not for sale.
  • Gordon's been interviewed by: PBS' NOVA Science, Jay Leno, Matt Lauer, Oprah and several times at 4 a.m. by Steve and Johnnie Putnam of Chicago's WGN 720 AM, among others.
  • Gordon was a contestant on "I've Got a Secret" and "Password."
  • Celebrities Gordon has met:
    Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Jim Belushi, John Stewart, Carol Burnett, Richard Petty (racecar driver), Richard Gordon (racecar driver), John Ritter (actor), Amy Yasbeck (John Ritter's wife and actress), Terri Garr (actress), Stephanie Miller (radio and TV personality/political commentator), Neil DeGrasse Tyson (astro-physicist and NOVA commentator), Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones).
  • Volvo celebrities Gordon's met: Pelle Peterson (designer of the Volvo P1800), Nuccio Bertone (designer of the Volvo 780, among others), Nils Bohlin (inventor of the "Three Point Seat Belt"),
  • 116,000 = the number of miles on Gordon's other Volvo (2002 C70 that Volvo gave him to celebrate his 2 million milestone)
  • Negative 17 F, Detroit Auto Show, early 80s = coldest weather he's driven his P1800 in  
  • 123 F, Death Valley, CA = Hottest weather he's driven his P1800 in
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