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Irv Gordon Fun Facts: 3 Million Miles Equals


Irv Gordon Fun Facts: 3 Million Miles Equals



  • Driving around the earth 126 times


  • Driving the length of Long Island 2,142 times


  • 12 ½ trips to the moon


  • 190,080,000,000 Swedish meatballs lined up


  • 87,464 IKEA stores stacked on end


  • The length of running 114,504 marathons


  • The length of 52.8 million football fields


  • The length of 1 billion Volvo P1800s


  • 1.2 million times around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track


  • Driving the length of Route 66 1,244 times


  • 12.6 million Empire State Buildings stacked on end


  • Climbing Mt. Everest 545,454 times


  • Canoeing the Amazon River 690 times


  • 769 trips across the Great Wall of China


  • 254,106,000,000 pennies lined up


  • A human chain 3,972,618,216 people long - or more than half of the world's population
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