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Volvo's New 300 Horsepower AWD Wagon on display at Frankfurt Auto Show


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Volvo's New 300 Horsepower AWD Wagon Strikes Frankfurt


The Volvo Performance Concept Car II Shows that a Future High-Performance


Car from Volvo Could Very Well be an Estate Car.


FRANKFURT, GERMANY, Sept. 17 -- Just like the first Volvo Performance Concept Car, a refined Volvo S60, its successor is equipped with one of the world's most advanced continuously adjustable chassis, electronically controlled four-wheel drive and a 300 hp powerplant.


What is unique about the Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept, so called FOUR-C, is its ability to collect huge amounts of information about the way in which the car moves and to respond instantly by adjusting the damper characteristics to suit.


Every alternate millisecond, that is to say 500 times per second, the system's microprocessor monitors the precise position of each wheel, assessing its degree of grip and so on, and alters the damping characteristics of each individual wheel accordingly.


Same taste, different shape


Under the hood of the Laser Blue wagon is a potent version of the Volvo 5-cylinder 2435 cc engine, producing 300 hp and no less than 295 lb. ft. of torque and mated to a 6-speed compact four-shaft manual gearbox developed in-house. "Last year, we wanted to provide a taste of what a future high-performance saloon car might look like. Now we're exploring the future in a different direction, this time with the Volvo V70 wagon," says Peter Horbury, head of design at Volvo Cars.


"Both models have a discreet yet powerful racing aura that communicates refined sportiness. We demonstrated back in 1994 that a family car could more than hold its own against the fiercest of competition, when we entered the British Touring Car Championship with a Volvo 850 wagon," adds Peter Horbury.

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