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US MADE, EnerDEL LITHIUM-ION BATTERY powers the Volvo C30 Electric



Strong partnership between Sweden's Volvo Cars and NASDAQ listed Ener1, developing next generation electric vehicle



Detroit, Mich. (January 10, 2011) - ENER1, Inc. (NASDAQ: HEV).  The Volvo C30 Electric which is one of the stars of the show on the Volvo Cars stand, is powered by an Indiana made, state of the art lithium-ion battery.  NASDAQ listed Ener1 has developed the 24kwh battery with Volvo Cars during a comprehensive two year development program which has featured industry leading safety testing.  The "split" battery was developed specifically for Volvo and to ensure maximum safety, half the battery (pack A) is located in the central tunnel between the seats and the other half (pack B) under the rear seats where the gas tank would normally be located.


One of the strengths of Ener1 is its multiple chemistries and the ability to tailor the best solution for each application. The Lithium-ion battery in the C30 Electric features a mixed oxide cathode and hard carbon anode which provides a good mix of high energy, long life durability and safety.  The battery was designed, developed and is manufactured in Indiana in what is fast making the Hoosier State a center of green technologies.  EnerDel employees 338 engineers and manufacturing personnel in three facilities in Indiana.


The battery features a comprehensive battery management system integrated with the electronics and vehicle control systems of the Volvo C30 Electric.  The battery management system optimizes capacity and actively prolongs cell life, reacts in milliseconds to ensure safety, monitors and reports the state of health and charge, controls safe and efficient pack re-charging and the cooling systems for safe operating temperatures.  It has multiple levels of redundancy built into its control protocols for extra safe operation.


Lennart Stegland, President of Special Vehicles for Volvo Cars, "Our relationship with Ener1 is a true partnership, founded on the quality and safety of the Ener1 technology and chemistry. We have worked closely together as we have developed the C30 Electric and both sides have learned a great deal from each other during the two year development program."


Charles Gassenheimer, Chairman and CEO of Ener1 commented, "The production version of the Volvo C30 Electric which makes its debut at the Los Angeles Show today, is the result of a strong partnership and development program between Ener1 and Volvo Cars."


"The C30 Electric features a state of the art EnerDel Lithium-Ion battery designed, developed and built in Indiana, in the only automotive grade lithium-ion battery plant currently in volume production in the US.  The vehicle now goes into series production for an extensive customer test program in US, Europe and Asia."

"We are very proud to be Volvo's partner in this vehicle and creating what is arguably the world's most safety conscious electric vehicle. Ener1 continues to focus on building collaborative relationships with manufacturers of electric vehicle platforms to produce industry leading standards of quality and safety."


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Tech Spec for EnerDel battery in Volvo C30 Electric

Rated system energy: 23kWh

Pack A capacity: 35Ah
Pack B capacity; 35Ah
Nominal voltage: 345V
Operating voltage range: 240V to 393V
Max continuous power capability: 76kW discharge, 24kW charge
Dimensions for pack A and B
Pack A: 1552 x 423.5 x 434.5 mm
Pack B: 779 x 1058 x 230 mm
System weight (pack A + pack B): 330kg (728lb)
Main BMS characteristics
Continuous voltage and current monitoring
Battery temperature monitoring
Cell balancing
Emergency power off
Overcharge/over current protection
CAN communication with vehicle

About Ener1, Inc.

Ener1, Inc. is a publicly traded (NASDAQ:HEV) energy technology company that develops compact, lithium-ion powered battery solutions for the transportation, grid energy storage and consumer markets. The company has over 700 employees, is headquartered in New York, with manufacturing locations in the United States and Korea. Ener1 develops commercial fuel cell products through its EnerFuel subsidiary and nanotechnology-based materials and manufacturing processes through its NanoEner subsidiary. In collaboration with strategic partner and electric vehicle manufacturer, THINK, Ener1 also manufactures electric vehicle drivetrain products.

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