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Brief Overview of 2001 S80 Changes


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MY 2001 S80 Key Product Features


ROCKLEIGH, NJ -- September 1, 2000


The flagship of the Volvo New Car Showroom, the S80, has some important changes for Model Year 2001. The S80, already a great value for the consumer, will become an even greater value in the new model year with new standard features added to the car.


Another exciting new development for MY 2001 will be the S80 Executive Program. A true executive car, the S80 Executive combines Volvo's already world-famous impact protection with outstanding ride comfort and driving characteristics. With an exclusive interior that puts the passengers first, the S80 Executive offers ample space for relaxed travel or efficient work.



Leather seating is now standard on the 2.9 and the T6, adding exceptional value.


Luggage Holder

A luggage holder has been added as standard for both the 2.9 and the T6.


Remote Retractable Head Restraints

Rear Seat Retractable Head Restraints for improved driver vision are back by popular demand for MY 2001. This is easily accomplished by pressing a button on the center stack. This feature is now standard on both the 2.9 and the T6.


Adjustable Mirrors with Memory

Both the 2.9 and the T6 will have adjustable mirrors with memory for MY 2001 standard.


Automatic Dimming Mirror (2.9 Only)

The 2.9 only will add automatic dimming rear view mirror for MY 2001. This feature is already standard on the T6.


New 16-inch Wheels (2.9 Only)

The MY 2001 S80 2.9 will have a new stylish wheel design, the "Icarus", which will replace the "Miram" wheels.



The Homelink feature will now be standard on both the 2.9 and the T6. Previously, this feature was only available with the Security Package. This means that the content of the MY 2001 Security Package will change.


Dual-Stage Front Airbag System

The 2001 S80 will also add a dual-stage airbag system for both driver and passenger in the front seat to help further reduce the risk of injury. Dual-stage airbags deploy differently and with different force depending on the severity of the crash and the status of the seat belts. The system senses how quickly the car has decelerated, or movement has been retarded, and uses this information to determine the pressure at which the bags should inflate. See the table below for details:

  • Trigger threshold depends on the collision severity. Level 1 = "low" collision severity, Level 5 = "high" collision severity
  • The three seatbelt pretensioners in the rear seat are designed to activate at the same time and always at trigger threshold 3. This is regardless of whether someone is sitting in the rear seat and whether they are using a seatbelt or not.
  • The SRS control unit calculates the entire collision sequence. In the calculations, level of collision severity is included, and thus also the trigger threshold that will be reached. Only then are the above components activated according to the above pattern.


Interior Air Quality System - IAQS (Available with Security Package)

The available Security Package for the MY 2001 S80 2.9 and T6 will now include IAQS, the Interior Air Quality System. This is a new system that, together with the ECC unit, offers a passenger cabin free from odors and pollutants.


The system features a sensor placed in the climate unit's air intake, a multi-filter, and a switch in the instrument panel. The filter and sensor work together to offer passengers the cleanest possible interior climate. The multi-filter cleans the cabin air even when the re-circulation function is activated. The instrument panel features a button for turning the system on and off.


The intake sensor registers the contents of the incoming air. After analysing an air sample for nitrogen oxides (NOX), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrocarbons (HC), which are the main pollutants found in vehicle exhaust, the sensor automatically switches the ventilation system to re-circulation mode to block these harmful pollutants. One important benefit here is that the IAQS responds to carbon monoxide (CO), a substance that an active carbon filter cannot reduce, and a substance that can make a driver less alert.


The heater chamber features the multi-filter, which is a particle or pollen filter combined with an active carbon filter. This multi-filter absorbs any particles and other substances that might otherwise enter the cabin before the re-circulation shutter closes, and in those situations in which the re-circulation shutter is not allowed to close, for example, in a situation where the windows begin to fog up. The multi-filter reduces concentrations of incoming particles larger than 0.3 micrometers in size, like road dust, sand, diesel soot and pollen particles. The carbon filter reduces concentrations of substances such as nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, and ozone.


The switch controls the ECC in three positions. "AUT" (automatic) activates the air quality system, "MAN" (manual) manually activates the re-circulation, and " - " deactivates the IAQS and re-circulation.


New Exterior Colors

Four new exterior colors have been added this year; Ashgold Metallic, Cypress Green Metallic, Platinum Green Metallic, and solid color Midnight Blue.

S80 Executive Key Product Features (New Model)


The following product features are unique to the S80 Executive.

  • 2 additional inches of rear legroom by pushing the rear seat further back into the hatshelf and by removing the folding seat mechanism
  • Wider rear door openings
  • Heated rear seats
  • Extra padding in the rear seat and bottom cushion extended 1 inch for increased leg support
  • Multi-functional rear center armrest/console
  • 2 rear cupholders in center console
  • power outlet
  • electric rear window suncurtain
  • video screen mounted in rear console between the backs of the two front seats (optional on 2.9).
  • DVD player that also plays CD audio and CD video. Includes Dolby ProLogic Surround sound and is totally integrated into the vehicle's audio system (optional on 2.9).
  • Infrared remote to control audio and video from front or rear seats (optional on 2.9)
  • 12 volt refrigerator that holds 2 quart bottles or 8 12oz. cans (optional on 2.9)
  • wireless fax machine/single page copier (optional on both 2.9 and T-6)
  • Requires separate mobile phone with fax/data capability and service from your phone service provider.
  • Your phone must also include a "mobile office adapter kit" to connect with the fax machine.
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