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2000s Overview


The 2000s - Volvo Cars began the new millennium with a host of new model launches, and new record sales. The early years of 2000 gave way to a record number of Volvo concept cars - launching the ACC (Adventure Concept Car, which became the XC90), SCC (Safety Concept Car, of which the upcoming C30 is based), and PCC (Performance Concept Car, which became the most recent R cars). Volvo still lead the way in safety, offering extremely advanced features standard in its vehicles. Volvo transformed its conventional look into a new, sportier look, adding amazing lines and curves to its vehicles. The next generation SUV was launched, which has and still is a continuing success. The future is endless for Volvo Cars Corporation.

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Descriptions and facts in this press material relate to Volvo Cars' international car range. Described features might be optional. Vehicle specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.