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With the 850, Volvo had become not only a manufacturer of safe and comfortable cars, but also of high-performance cars with excellent handling characteristics. With the S80 of 1998, Volvo went a step further, and introduced its first high-performance luxury saloon.


Volvo S80 was (and is) unique in some aspects. For the first time in recent years, an in-line six cylinder engine was installed transversely, combining the unique characteristics of this type of engine with generous interior accommodation resulting from a transverse engine.


Initially available with 204 and 272 hp, the (electronically limited) top speed of the most powerful version made this among the fastest saloon cars in the world. Later, other engines were made available for customers with more modest performance demands. For the economical driver, diesel engines are the natural choice, such as Volvo´s new diesel engines, introduced in 2001/2002, with power outputs of 130 or 163 hp.


It goes without saying that the S80 is extremely safe, incorporating all Volvo´s passive safety innovations together with excellent active safety.


The comfort level is in balance with perfect ergonomics, a quiet interior and audio/video equipment such as optional GPS navigation system, as well as features like an optional refrigerator for cool beverages while on the road.


Early 2003 a further re-fined Volvo S80 was launched. Both exterior and interior got a re-newel. The advanced FOUR-C chassis system, first introduced for the R-versions of Volvo S60 and V70 was now also offered for S80, as well as the AWD system.




Model: Volvo S80

Variants: AWD

Produced: 1998 –>

Volume: Production running, General specifications, Number of cars

Body: 4-door saloon

Engine: 5-cyl in-line DOHC, 1.984, 2.435, 2.521 cc, 6-cyl in-line 2783 cc, 2922 cc, or DI Turbo Diesel 5-cyl in-line 2.401 cc

Transmission: 5-speed, 4- or 5-speed automatic

Brakes: Hydraulic, disc brakes all round

Dimensions: Overall length 482 cm, wheelbase 279 cm


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