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Volvo Saved My Life


"The driver of the truck lost control of his vehicle and hit me, and my wife, who was five months pregnant... There was much talk that 'the Volvo had saved our lives' and I'm convinced it did... I wish to thank the people at Volvo for the lives of my wife and my child..."


Joni and Colleen Taylor, November 7, 1989


The letters have been coming to us for years. Men and women writing about how they believe a car helped save their lives. The Volvo Saved My Life Club recognizes these "survivors'" faith in Volvo, as well as Volvo's dedication to building cars worthy of such admiration. In fact, the only downside to the Volvo Saved My Life Club are the conditions for membership.


Once it's determined that an accident was severe enough that the performance of a Volvo did, indeed, help save the lives of the passengers, they become members of the Volvo Saved My Life Club.


And, while we're very proud to be able to sponsor an organization like the Volvo Saved My Life Club, we hope for the day when potentially fatal car accidents will be a thing of the past.


Until then, we end with this heartfelt wish and advice. Drive safely.


If you believe that a Volvo has helped save your life in an accident, you can contact the Volvo Customer Service Department at and tell them you'd like to join the Volvo Saved My Life Club.

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