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  • The second-generation convertible from Volvo Cars
  • Power-operated retractable hardtop
  • Scandinavian inspired interior
  • Space and comfort for four adults


Anaheim, California (October 5, 2005) – Volvo Cars of North America, LLC today unveiled the all-new 2006 Volvo C70 to the automotive press at the 2005 California International Auto Show. Offering the best of both worlds, the all-new Volvo C70 is a modern convertible with classic proportions, four comfortable seats and a three-piece retractable hardtop.


“We wanted to create two cars in one – combining the best of both worlds,” says project manager Patrik Widerstrand. “We have succeeded in creating a car that is both an elegant convertible and a sporty coupe.” The all-new Volvo C70 can be transformed seamlessly from a coupe into a convertible; the retractable hardtop folding away quickly and smoothly into the trunk.


“It’s a very special experience to see half the car open up and swallow the other,” says Fedde Talsma, head of design for the all-new Volvo C70. “One simple press of a button and the transformation takes place automatically in just 30 seconds.” Apart from the flexibility offered by the retractable hardtop it also makes for a quieter, more comfortable coupe. The large rear window glass offers outstanding outward visibility and improves body rigidity.



The all-new Volvo C70 is slightly shorter and lower than its predecessor and overall width is slightly wider. Combined with its slightly shorter nose, this gives the car a powerful, athletic stance. The gently rounded corners and minimal front overhang are Volvo design hallmarks.


A strong shoulder is another Volvo design cue, and the C70 carries the tradition in fine form. From the swept headlamps the shoulder line swings up towards the rear, giving the impression that the car is sitting low on its hindquarters. The higher beltline around back reinforces the feeling of a protective collar around those traveling in the backseat. The slope is balanced visually by the wave-shaped sill line.


“Achieving harmonious lines both with and without a roof is not an easy task,” says Talsma. “We opted to first design the all-new Volvo C70 as a coupe. Once we were satisfied with the result, the convertible's lines fell cleanly into place.”


In profile, the trunk line falls away sharply and has the characteristic Volvo rear lights. On the all-new Volvo C70 they have a lower profile than on the sedan models, creating visual width and a powerful stance.



The interior of the all-new Volvo C70 is marked by Volvo’s modern and innovative design features, inspired by Scandinavian tradition with clean surfaces, genuine materials and good functionality. “We have chosen to give the all-new Volvo C70 an elegant, modern feel,” says Talsma. “Inspiration has been drawn more from Scandinavian product design than pure car design.”


The super-thin center stack, introduced in the Volvo S40 sport sedan and V50 sport wagon can also be found in the all-new Volvo C70.


Adding to the all-new C70's individuality, special upholstery has been developed. The standard Vulcaflex interior is a synthetic material with a skin-like surface and a high-tech feel. Full leather upholstery is an option.



The all-new Volvo C70 is designed to accommodate four adults. The two rear seats have comfortably angled backrests and generous width across the supportive cushions. Like all Volvo cars, the front seats are ergonomically shaped. With a push of a button on the backrest, the front seats move quickly forward to facilitate entry to the rear seat. The (standard on driver's side optional for passenger seat) electrically operated seats move forward twice as quickly as the previous C70.



In the passenger compartment there are spacious storage areas beside each seat. Several of the storage bins are linked to the car’s central locking system for convenient locking when using the remote control. The locking feature is particularly useful when the car is parked with the top down. Additionally, a completely new system is being launched in the C70: Private Locking. The system allows certain compartments to be locked with the key from the glove compartment when leaving the car with a parking attendant.


As with all Volvos, functionality is very important. In the all-new C70 the trunk is unusually spacious for a convertible of this size. It has a 12.8 cubic-foot capacity with the roof up and 6.0 cubic feet with the top stowed. A divider located inside the trunk makes it easy to assess how much can be loaded with the top down. To assist in loading and unloading with the top down, the entire roof mechanism can be lifted approximately 7.9 inches with the aid of an electric motor and a control button located in the trunk compartment. A ‘ski hatch’ in the backrest of the rear seat also makes it possible to transport long objects inside the car and is locked with the central locking function described above.


“We really have tried to make use of every square inch in the car to enhance passenger comfort,” said Talsma. “Despite the compact dimensions of the all-new C70 there is ample space and room for personal effects.”

Facts about the retractable hardtop on the all-new Volvo C70:

  • The roof panels are steel
  • It is a three-piece top
  • The joints between the sections have rubber seals
  • An electric motor, hydraulic pump and computer are used to open and close the roof
  • The roof is opened/closed in approximately 30 seconds (regardless of the weather)
  • The car should be at a standstill when the roof is opened/closed
  • The side windows fit into the roof after it has been raised
  • The rigidity of the body is improved by approximately 15 percent when the roof is up
  • The trunk lid is made of aluminum and is dual hinged, for operation of the roof or for access to the luggage compartment.



All-new 2006 Volvo C70

Length: 180.3 inches

Width: 71.7 inches

Height: 55.5 inches

Wheelbase: 103.9 inches

Track, front: 61.0 inches

Track, rear: 61.4 inches


Previous C70

Length: 185.7 inches

Width: 71.7 inches

Height: 56.3 inches

Wheelbase: 104.9 inches

Track, front: 59.9 inches

Track, rear: 59.9 inches



James Hope or Daniel Johnston

Product Communications

Volvo Cars of North America, LLC


C70, 2006
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