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Green Car Journal Highlights Volvo's Innovative 3CC Concept Car; Magazine to be distributed at 2005 L.A. Auto Show

Green Car Journal Highlights Volvo’s Innovative 3CC Concept Car; Magazine to be distributed at 2005 L.A. Auto Show


Irvine, CA. (January 5, 2005) – Volvo’s 3CC concept car, which won “Best Design” and five Gold Standards at the recent Michelin Challenge Bibendum environmental competition in Shanghai, China, has caught the attention of editors at the environmentally-focused Green Car Journal.


An auto enthusiast magazine that blends performance, environment, and energy diversity in equal measures, the magazine’s Winter 2004 edition showcases the 3CC as its featured cover vehicle. At the L.A. Auto Show, the first 4,000 attendees who buy the official auto show guide will receive a free copy of this Green Car Journal issue – a $5.99 value - courtesy of Volvo.


“We chose the Volvo 3CC as a focal point for this issue’s cover because it’s a groundbreaking vehicle on many levels,” says Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of the Green Car Journal. “Not only does the 3CC combine classic Volvo styling cues with exotic gull-wing doors and a tapered, 2+1 seating configuration, but it does so with a highly advanced lithium-ion battery electric drivetrain. That’s a step apart from the crowd, which these days is largely focused on hybrid and fuel cell concepts.”


In its coverage of the 3CC, the magazine compares this innovative electric car with Volvo’s circa-1993 ECC, or Environmental Concept Car. Both advanced technology concepts were created at the Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center in Camarillo, California, with the aim of pushing the envelope in environmental vehicle design and propulsion.


“Just as the earlier ECC forwarded new thought in hybrid propulsion with its high-speed turbine-generator design,” adds Cogan, “today’s lithium-ion 3CC innovates with its thousands of smallish laptop computer-style batteries, which power this zero emission vehicle to impressive levels of efficiency and performance.”


This focus on environmental performance doesn’t stop with concept cars, as Volvo’s environmentally conscious lineup clearly shows. In fact, even the largest of Volvo’s vehicles feature industry-leading advancements that maximize efficiencies and minimize emissions.


Just one example is the new ULEV II-certified, 311 hp V8 that will be available in the popular XC90 SUV early this year. This engine achieves extremely low emissions levels with the use of advanced technologies including four catalytic converters, two of these located at the intake manifolds to enable quick warm-up for treating exhaust gases. The engine also incorporates higher idling rpm, optimized ignition, and a lean air/fuel mixture at start-up to minimize emissions when the engine is cold, a time when disproportionately high levels of harmful emissions occur.


Volvo has achieved many environmental milestones over the years. Recently, these have included introduction of the PremAir® radiator that converts ground-level ozone into oxygen; worldwide availability of ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) engines; introduction of the efficient and low emission XC90 SUV; the debut of the PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) S60 and V70; and ULEV-II certified low emission vehicles including the S40 and XC90 V8. Information on Volvo’s commitment to the environment, including Volvo’s Environmental Product Declaration, can be viewed online at


Green Car Journal is available at newsstands and through the print magazine’s companion website, Green Car Journal Online, at


VCNA, part of the Volvo Car Corporation of Gothenburg, Sweden, provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to Volvo automobile retailers in the United States, and oversees Volvo operations in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Volvo has been building cars with Safety in mind for over 75 years. The 2005 Volvo Cars model line-up includes: the award-winning new S40 and its wagon counterpart the all-new V50; the award-winning XC90; the sporty S60 sedan – including the award-winning performance sedan – S60 R and the performance wagon version – V70 R; the flagship S80 luxury sedan; versatile V70 wagon and rugged XC70 (Cross Country); and, the C70 convertible.


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