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Volvo Cars of North America teams with Virgin Megastores to promote all-new Volvo S40 across the country

Chicago, IL, Feb. 2004 --- With the launch of the all-new Volvo S40, Volvo Cars of North America is dancing to a new, perhaps slightly unexpected, beat. Volvo Cars will be offering day and night time drive sessions, coupled with live performances by hot new recording artist Gavin DeGraw. This ground-breaking tune is an automobile industry first.


Volvo Cars of North America, LLC will connect the all-new Volvo S40 to an audience that is younger and more diverse in nature than ever before. That's why VCNA has chosen to team up with Virgin Megastores, the world's premiere entertainment retailer, to introduce the all-new Volvo S40 to these important customers.


"For the launch of the all-new Volvo S40 we looked at partnerships that are unexpected for us, but yet credible for the all-new Volvo S40," says Thomas Andersson, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. "We've teamed up with Virgin Megastores because their customers fit the profile of the target audience that we are trying to reach. They are youthful, diverse, technologically savvy, sophisticated trendsetters, active people who will appreciate the all-new Volvo S40's innovative design and enhanced functionality."


The cooperation with Virgin Megastores consists of two parts: an All Access Tour and an All Access Drive Experience.


At the All Access Tour consumers will be able to see and touch the all-new Volvo S40 via an interactive kiosk that features holographic displays of the vehicle's exterior, interior, lifestyle and safety features. Product specialists will be on hand to talk to consumers. Participants will receive a free music CD that is loaded with music from up-and-coming artists, Volvo messages and links to the Volvo All Access Tour web site.


The All Access Tour is set up to encourage prospective customers to attend the All Access Drive Experience. The drive experience gives consumers the opportunity to interact with the all-new Volvo S40 in both static and dynamic situations. Both day time and night time drive sessions will be offered - an industry first. On Saturday nights, this innovative drive program will also include live performances by hot new recording artist Gavin DeGraw. This event thus combines an exhilarating closed-course driving experience with a live concert. As a bonus, other Volvo vehicles will be on display at these events.


The partnership with Virgin Megastores is integrated into Volvo Cars of North America's comprehensive plan to achieve a positive and sustainable relationship with a new, youthful and diverse customer group.




All Access Tour


Date | Megastore city

01/28 - 02/02 | Orange, CA

02/03 - 02/08 | Los Angeles, CA

02/10 - 02/15 | San Francisco, CA

02/19 - 02/22 | Dallas/Mockingbird, TX

02/26 - 03/01 | Orlando, FL

03/04 - 03/07 | Miami, FL

03/12 - 03/15 | Boston, MA

02/20 - 03/28 | Chicago, IL

04/03 - 04/08 | New York/Times Square, NY

04/09 - 04/14 | New York/Union Square, NY




All Access Drive Experience


Date | Location

02/21 - 02/22 | Los Angeles, CA

02/28 - 02/29 | San Francisco, CA

03/13 - 03/14 | Dallas, TX

03/20 - 03/21 | Miami, FL

03/27 - 03/28 | Atlanta, GA

04/03 - 04/04 | Boston, MA

04/17 - 04/18 | Chicago, IL

04/24 - 04/25 | Washington DC

05/01 - 05/02 | New York, NY


For more information:

Roger Ormisher - 800.970.0888

VP, Public Affairs, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC

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Virgin Entertainment Group PR contact:

SJ Communications, Inc.

Krysty O'Quinn Walker - 818.881.3889

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