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2005 Volvo V50 - Drivetrain

All-new Volvo V50



Exhilarating to drive sportswagon with turbo and AWD

  • Choice of two transverse, 5-cylinder inline engines
  • Perfect combination of performance and driving exhilaration
  • New compact-engine generation
  • High torque and enjoyable engine performance
  • Sport-tuned suspension for responsive driving performance
  • Available with Electronically Controlled All-Wheel Drive
  • Volvo Intelligent Vehicle Architecture (VIVA)

The all-new Volvo V50 is available with a choice of two 5-cylinder engines.


"Making room for a five-cylinder engine under the V50's hood is something of a work of art," says Peter Ewerstrand, project leader for the all-new V50 and S40. "We have succeeded by using new methods to reduce the exterior dimensions of the engine."


The result is a car that offers high performance and driving pleasure. The compact dimensions of the engine also contribute to the very high level of crash safety.


T5 turbo available with Electronically Controlled All-Wheel Drive


The V50 T5 AWD represents the top of the V50 line. It has a five-cylinder, 2.5-liter gasoline engine with a light-pressure turbocharger. Turbo technology produces exceptional torque from low to high revs. The high, flat torque curve ensures excellent acceleration.


The manifold and turbo unit in the T5 have been cast together in heat resistant (up to 1,922°F) high-alloy steel. The heat resistant steel helps to keep the air flowing into the turbo housing cool. As a result, the engine can be run on a leaner fuel mixture, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions, especially when driving at high speeds.


The T5 engine offers a maximum output of 218 bhp and 236 lb.-ft. of torque.


As with other Volvo's, all-wheel drive is supplied via the electronically controlled Haldex system. The engine's power is automatically distributed between the front and rear wheels by an electrically controlled hydraulic clutch, which reacts to wheel slippage within 1/7th of a rotation.


"The T5 engine and all-wheel drive give the V50 extremely enjoyable road manners," says Peter Ewerstrand. "Top-class performance is combined with responsive, stable driving characteristics."


Extremely efficient engine packaging


The new gasoline engines in the all-new V50 (and the all-new S40) are a further development of the low-friction engines that power the other Volvo models. Most of the external engine components, such as the brake booster and the air conditioning compressor, have been designed and packaged to take up exceptionally little space:

  • The exhaust manifold outlets are tucked in at a downward angle towards the engine block.
  • The exhaust manifold on the turbo engine are cast together with the turbo unit housing for added packaging efficiency.
  • The inlet manifold is compact-cast in fiberglass-reinforced plastic and is routed up over the engine.


More space between engine and passenger compartment


The result is an engine that is 7.8 inches slimmer and 1 inch shorter than the engine's found in other Volvo models. This compact format makes the engine lighter. Combined with Volvo's Intelligent Vehicle Architecture (VIVA) of transverse engine installation, it also contributes to a high level of crash safety, as there is added space for deformation in the engine compartment. In a collision, the engine can be shunted 5.9 inches to the rear before the crankshaft comes into contact with the cross-member near the bulkhead.


There is up to 2.8 inches of free space above the engine between the cylinder head and bonnet. This allows the bonnet to crumple gently, thereby helping to reduce the risk of head injuries if a pedestrian or cyclist should collide with the car.


Two Powerful engines for silky-smooth operation


The new 5-cylinder engines are available in two variants for the U.S. market: a normally aspirated 2.4-liter version producing 168 bhp and a light pressure turbo engine displacing 2.5 liters and producing 218 bhp. The 5-cylinder configuration and the large displacement produce high torque from low engine speeds - a perfect combination that provides exhilarating acceleration. Additionally, a 5-cylinder engine with its long stroke has a more relaxed and pleasant character (see separate Specifications document for additional information).


The engines share the same technology as the units that power other Volvo's in the lineup.

  • Four valves per cylinder and dual overhead camshafts - for high power and good response.
  • Variable camshaft timing (CVVT) - for high power and high torque in combination with lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
  • Electronic engine management system with precise, adaptive control - for efficient combustion and good performance.


Adaptive automatic transmission


The automatic transmission for the all-new Volvo V50 is the same as that used in other Volvo models. It is a five-speed unit that utilizes an adaptive gear-changing pattern.


Stiff chassis with balance and poise


The all-new Volvo V50 has been developed in the same spirit as the Volvo S60 and Volvo S80. The experience acquired from the advanced Volvo S60 R and V70 R has also helped to form the basis for this new vehicle.


"We wanted to produce a sportswagon with the right driving experience," explains Peter Ewerstrand. "Driving pleasure with responsive, stable road performance as the starting point."


The 5-cylinder powertrains laid the foundation for the V50's exceptional driving characteristics. Independent suspension all around, with a multilink system at the rear, produces a superb combination of comfort and sporting driving characteristics. The wider track and longer wheelbase, compared with the current Volvo V40 model, also contribute to the stable behavior the car exhibits on the road.


Front suspension geometry has been carefully balanced to provide quick, precise steering response, thereby enhancing the sporty appeal.


The steering is electro-hydraulic, with light, distinct and controlled steering feedback.


The Volvo V50 can be equipped with a sports chassis as an option (not the AWD model). Stiffer springs and reduced ground clearance help to produce greater directional stability in connection with sporty driving.


"People are entitled to expect a great deal from a modern sportswagon," concludes Peter Ewerstrand. "We are convinced that the Volvo V50 is going to offer a particularly pleasant driving experience. This will be largely due to the new powertrains, the carefully-balanced chassis and the exceptional torsional rigidity of the body."

V50, 2005
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