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2005 Volvo V50 - Business

All-New Volvo V50



Sportswagon for those who have a 'large capacity for life'

  • Vibrant design and style
  • Aimed at young people with a large capacity for life
  • Annual target 74,000 cars globally, 6,500 units in the U.S.
  • Germany and Sweden the largest markets

The all-new Volvo V50 is a true sportswagon - a modern descendant of over 75 years of wagon tradition that blends Scandinavian style with Volvo engineering expertise.


"The emphasis is placed on vibrant design and a sense of sportiness, with a 'bonus' in the form of practical details and extra luggage space," says Volvo Cars' President and CEO, Hans-Olov Olsson.


Vibrant design and style is carried throughout the all-new V50. Examples on the exterior include the available sport accessory kit, which accentuates the aggressive lines of the car through specially designed spoilers on the front; sides and rear, along with larger wheels and dual exhaust tips. The revolutionary interior is focused around the highly functional, ultra slim, center stack.


"The all-new Volvo V50 offers customers the authenticity that they expect from a Volvo wagon. This, combined with its vibrant design, exceptional road manners and class-leading safety, makes the car an extremely powerful challenger in this segment," adds Hans-Olov Olsson.


Appealing to younger buyers is an important factor in the Volvo Cars global strategy. Volvo Cars of North America, LLC expects the all-new Volvo V50 to appeal first and foremost to people with an active lifestyle and the need to haul the important 'stuff' in their lives.


"The all-new Volvo V50 is a genuine, premium sportswagon, with characteristics that appeal directly to young people with a passion for life. These customers set demanding standards when it comes to both design and functionality," Hans-Olov Olsson continues.


Annual target 74,000 cars globally


Sales of the all-new Volvo V50 in the U.S. will begin in mid-2004. The annual sales target is 74,000 units globally, with an emphasis on the European market. The peak volume target within the U.S. is a conservative 6,500 cars.


More for your money


The all-new Volvo V50 comes well equipped with a long list of standard equipment that today's younger customers demand. As well, many of the options found on the Volvo V70 are also available to buyers of the all-new Volvo V50. This applies, for instance, to the built-in navigation system.


Built in Belgium


Like the all-new Volvo S40, the Volvo V50 will be built at the Volvo Cars plant in Ghent, Belgium. Volvo's production operations in Born in the Netherlands will cease with the phasing out of the previous Volvo S40 and V40 models.


The Ghent Plant which, when fully extended, will be the company's largest production unit with an annual capacity of 270,000 cars.


The all-new V50 is the second in a range of new Volvo models sharing common technology with Ford and Mazda.


In addition to the new Volvo S40 and Volvo V50, the Volvo S60 will be produced in Ghent, whereas production of the Volvo V70 will be transferred to the Torslanda Plant in Sweden. The plant in Torslanda also produces the Volvo XC70, Volvo S80 and Volvo XC90.

V50, 2005
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