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Volvo Cars Promotes Seat Belt Safety



Volvo Cars Promotes Seat Belt Safety



..."Drive To Survive" initiative distributed

Irvine, CA (June XX, 2003) - Volvo Cars of North America, LLC is presenting "Drive to Survive?", a Volvo Seat Belt Safety program in partnership with AutoNetwork. The mission of this program is to promote the use of seat belt and decrease the number of unnecessary deaths in auto accidents caused by occupants not wearing seat belts.

Available online, the program will target kids, teenagers, as well as adults and the elderly.

The "Drive To Survive?" safety section will feature educational and instructional videos on seat belt safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Volvo, AAA, and others. Original text articles, written exclusively for "Drive To Survive?," feature real life seat belt incidents.

"One of the most significant developments in our industry for saving lives and reducing injury has been the three-point seat belt," said Vic Doolan, president & CEO, Volvo Cars of North America. "Safety is at the core of Volvo and the "Drive to Survive" initiative helps us to get our message out."

AutoNetwork will conduct on-camera interviews with law enforcement officials chronicling on-the-scene deaths of drivers and passengers, not wearing seat belts.

Although seat belt safety will be the main topic of "Drive To Survive?" the section will also highlight other automotive safety issues such as: Child Safety Seats, Booster Seats, Drunk Driving, Teenage Drivers, and Air Bags.

Using a video streaming technology, the need to download and/or install media software is eliminated. A bandwidth recognition feature detects the viewers' connection speed and plays the video optimal for that speed - thus dramatically increasing the number of viewers able to watch the seat belt safety videos.

AutoNetwork partnered with Knight Ridder Digital (KRD) RealCities properties to deliver the "Drive To Survive?" seat belt safety program. Over 1 million African Americans view KRD newspaper and auto web sites annually.

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