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2008 Volvo C30 Custom Build Program




Who said wearing a red dress to a black-tie ball was wrong, and is there really a problem with wearing sneakers to a business meeting? Well, with the new Volvo C30, taking a step forward from the crowd feels just as good. The unique Custom Build program of the Volvo C30 capitalizes on individuality and is sure to set an example of one's self expression. After a one-time $300 fee, the Custom Build program options become readily available to the buyer, and from that point on, creativity is a must.


Whether you're cruising on a smooth country road or barreling down the concrete canyons of the city, standing out in a sea of generic silvers, blacks and blues has never been easier than with the new Volvo C30. The Volvo C30 Custom Build program offers a total of 17 exterior and 12 interior color combinations. With the Custom Build program, it will be nearly impossible to find any two C30s that are exactly alike, especially when an additional list of over 30 individual options is considered. For the standard offer alone there are more than 440 build combinations. This number skyrockets when a customer dips into the Custom Build program to over 5 million combinations!

Say goodbye to grandma's matte-brown jalopy and hello to a brand new kaleidoscope of eye-popping colors and textures. The new Volvo C30 will breakthrough the gray area of automobiles in its class and establishes a new position in the world of personalization. There isn't just a black and white area with the C30, but rather countless options ranging from Black Sapphire to Chameleon Blue with all shades of the modern rainbow in between. In addition to this spectrum, the C30's Cosmic White/Java Pearl combination is visible as a fresh face in the Volvo family portrait.


"We think this comprehensive list of options, coupled with a list of accessory items never before offered by Volvo is just what this customer will be looking for," noted C30 Product Manager Art Battaglia. "On the list you'll find items not available for some cars that might be cross-shopped against C30. A special order car is just that, special."


Volvo's Custom Build program with the C30 is all about "free will," and the perks to being the red dress at the black-tie ball are apparent. Maybe it's not just a vibrant Gecko Green on your C30, or two-toned interiors that get you fired up, but rather a sporty steering wheel and aluminum pedals. And for the rhythm nation, an I-pod input is standard in the center console, while and adapter for control through the radio is available as a retailer installed accessory.


Additional options to the Volvo C30 Custom Build program include the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) which alerts of passing drivers in the blind spot by the illumination of a tiny lamp at the base of the A-pillar. In addition to uncompromising safety, dazzling exterior and interior shades, there are several alternative wheel choices and fresh accessories that become available through this unique program.


Note: Summary of Custom Build program options follows:



C30 T5 Special Order Options

Suggested Retail Price



- Custom Build*


- Bi-Xenon Gas Discharge Headlamps (Requires Headlamp Washers 000065)


- Park Assist, Rear


- Dynaudio (Version 1.0 only, Standard on Version 2.0 Car)


- 6-CD, In-Dash Player


- Fog Lights In Front Spoiler


- Cruise Control


- Trip Computer


- Power Driver's Seat (already included when ordering op code 000009)


- Soft Load Cover


- Hard Load Cover (Requires Rear Armrest 000113)


- Heated Front Seats


- Rainsensor


- Headlamp Washers


- Load Protection Net


- P. Driver/Pass Seat


- Tailgate Spoiler (Version 1.0 only, Standard on Version 2.0 Car)


- Keyless Drive


- Interior Air Quality System (IAQS - requiresElectronic Climate Control - 000007)


- Navigation (Version 1.0 only, Standard on Version 2.0 Car)


- Ash Tray and Cigarette Lighter


- Blind Spot Information System (BLIS - requires retractable mirrors - 000167)


- Dynamic Chassis (Version 1.0 only, Standard on Version 2.0 Car)


- Laminated Front Glass


- Virtual White Inlay


- Wood Décor inlay


- Electronic Climate Control


- Homelink


- Auto Dimming In Rear View Mirror


- Bottle/Waste bin Holder


- Auto Dimming & Compass In Rear View Mirror


- Alarm


- Tire Repair Kit


- Aluminum Inlays (Version 1.0 only, Standard on Version 2.0 Car)


- Sport Steering Wheel with Aluminum Inlay (requiures Cruise Control 000033)


- Sport Gearshift Knob with Aluminum Inlay


- Leather Handbrake


- Rear Armrest


- Power Retractable Rearview Mirrors with puddle lights


- 17" Alloy Wheel ZAURAK Silver Bright 205/50 R17 (Version 1.0 only, "Regular" option on Version 2.0 Car)


- 17" Alloy Wheel SCOTIA 205/50 R17 (Pricing for Version 1.0 only)


- 17" Alloy Wheel SCOTIA 205/50 R17 (Pricing for Version 2.0 only)


- 17" Alloy Wheel ZAURAK Chrome 205/50 R17 (Pricing for Version 1.0 only)


- 17" Alloy Wheel ZAURAK Chrome 205/50 R17 (Pricing for Version 2.0 only)


- 17" Alloy Wheel MESTRA 205/50 R17 (Version 2.0 only, Standard on Version 1.0 Car)


- Special Order Solid Paint


- Special Order Metallic (see below for paint codes that apply)


- Special Order Premium Paint (Version 1.0 only -  477 Electric Silver, option for Version 2.0)


- Special Order Kalix Upholstery (Applies to: Version 1.0 - 5A7C, Version 2.0 - 5AE2, 5AC7, 5AFC, 5AB7)


- Special Order Leather Upholstery (Applies to: Version 1.0 - 5D71, 5DB7, Version 2.0 - 5DE1, 5DC4, 5DE4)




* There is a one-time charge applied to any vehicle which includes any special order feature. This one-time charge is applied whether the car includes one special order feature or several.


VOLVO reserves the right to amend any pricing at any time upon the written notification, and the Retailer agrees that it will make no claim for anticipated benefits or lost opportunity under amended pricing.

C30, 2008
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