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All-New Volvo XC70: Global Debut at the Geneva Motor Show look and new attitude mark next generation of Volvo's segment defining crossover 


Geneva, Switzerland (March 6, 2007) - The all-new Volvo XC70 was introduced today at the Geneva Motor Show with comprehensive changes inside and out.  With new styling cues, improved driving dynamics, inspiring technological applications, added luxury and of course new developments in safety, Volvo ups the ante in taking its popular crossover to the next level.


Styling with a Scandinavian Touch

The traditional cladding from the previous model has been dressed up in the all-new XC70. This, in combination with refined lines and contours and a more dynamic rear section, gives the all-new XC70 a more elegant, more luxurious appearance. But don't be fooled into thinking the XC70 is ready to abdicate its position as the segment's sportiest, most capable models; quite the contrary.


Physically, the contrasting, protective sections along the sides have been supplemented with a chrome molding at the bottom of the doors to emphasize the required stance of a tall, spacious vehicle with elegant lines and rippling muscles. The roof-rail is integrated into the A-pillar molding.

"The framed side windows, the distinct shoulders and the clean lines create harmony between the rounded, sporty front and the spacious rear of a genuine wagon. The raised rear section is also an important element in creating the well-balanced impression," says Stefan Jansson, Volvo's head of exterior design.

The pronounced wheel housings are another important feature of the XC70 model's confident statement that this is a highly capable vehicle.

The rear of the all-new XC70 gives a more dynamic, more sculpted impression with the hexagonal design language taken from the remarkable glass tailgate of the new Volvo C30. The rear glass window also extends further down than the side windows to give the driver better rearward visibility.

"The shape of the outside is now more dynamic without compromising the vehicle's practical properties. With the help of the intelligent overlapping tailgate, which takes the taillights up with it when it is opened, the space inside the vehicle is larger than before and easy to load," says Steve Mattin, Volvo's Design Director.


Driving Dynamics "As You Like It"

The all-new XC70 is powered by a 3.2-liter in-line six cylinder engine that produces 235 horsepower and 236 lb.-ft. of torque.  The six-cylinder normally aspirated engine - a first for an XC70 model - offers a high-class driving experience.  With its advanced valve mechanism called CPS (Cam Profile Switching), the dual cam profile inlet valves can be raised to two different heights depending on engine revs and load.

In normal driving, with normal throttle activation and low engine revs, fuel consumption is minimized at the same time as there is sufficient torque for good drivability.  In sportier driving under full acceleration and high revs, the engine is immensely alert to the throttle and powerful at both low and high speeds.

"In principle two-engines-in-one," explains Thomas Ahlborg, Volvo's XC70 project director.  "The I6 satisfies both performance-orientated customers as well as those who prioritize driving comfort and fuel economy."

In addition, the engine features VIS (Variable Intake System) that consists of two throttle valves that adjust the volume of the inlet manifold to suit the current driving conditions and allow the engine's capacity for maximum exploitation throughout the rev range.


Mated to the engine is a six-speed automatic gearbox with Geartronic, which is designed to handle the power of the 3.2-liter engine. With Geartronic it is also possible to change gear manually.


"The all-new XC70 has been further developed in every respect," says Ahlborg. "The chassis technology offers high-class driving feel and superb control whatever the situation. With the intelligent all-wheel-drive system and raised ground clearance, we furthermore add in those characteristic XC properties of excellent get-you-there ability and formidable capability.  What is more, we are launching Hill Descent Control, which makes it easier to master crawling in low gear on steep downhill gradients."


Not only the driveline but the entire vehicle has been developed and balanced to give a first-class driving experience, based largely on a pliant ride and secure road-holding allied to high stability.  Stability is in fact particularly important when driving with a heavy load and/or on poor road surfaces.


The body features a highly-advanced structure that contributes to both good deformation properties in the event of a collision and high-torsional rigidity. Thanks to the design of the body structure and the optimized use of different grades of high-strength steel, the torsional rigidity has been increased by no less than 15 percent compared to the previous XC70 model.


Good torsional rigidity is the very basis of the vehicle's excellent ride and road-holding properties. The chassis technology has been further developed compared to the previous XC70 model, providing even more stable and more controlled road manners. A great deal of attention has been paid to features such as the suspension system and engine installation to ensure high-class comfort. In order to provide the necessary get-you-there ability on difficult surfaces, the XC70 has raised ground clearance, riding 8.27 inches.


The all-new Volvo XC70 is equipped with Volvo's all-wheel-drive system.  Using an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch, the system distributes drive between the front and rear wheels to ensure the best possible road grip in all situations.  The system features Instant Traction, which shifts drive at lightning speed from the front to the rear wheels when starting on a slippery or loose surface.


"Some off-road vehicles have an extra low gear for crawling, but we have chosen a more sophisticated solution that better suits our XC concept," says Ahlborg. "It's called Hill Descent Control (HDC) and makes it easier to crawl in bottom gear on steep downhill slopes." Using the vehicle's brakes and engine torque, HDC controls the XC70's speed and keeps it steady at approximately 6 mph.  This function is activated via a button in the instrument panel.  The driver can easily take command over HDC by pressing the accelerator or brake pedal. Changing gear automatically disengages HDC.  All changes take place smoothly and gently.


Speed-dependent power steering is available as an option, delivering more servo assistance at low speeds.  For instance, the system facilitates "crawling" slowly on difficult surfaces. Servo assistance is reduced as speed rises, disappearing entirely at higher cruising speeds.  To provide the driver with the most optimum road feedback, the servo effect can be adjusted via the vehicle's information and set-up system.  Three levels of servo assistance are available.


In order to assist the driver when starting on an uphill gradient, the all-new XC70 has a smart, electrically operated parking brake system known as Power Parking Brake.  If the parking brake is engaged at traffic lights, for instance, it is automatically disengaged when the accelerator is pressed and the vehicle moves off. (The driver's seat belt must be secured for this function to operate.)


The parking brake is engaged by pushing a lever to the left of the steering wheel and disengaged by pulling the lever.  To ensure that the parking brake is applied when the vehicle is parked, it is automatically engaged when the key is removed from the ignition switch or, if the all-new XC70 is equipped with keyless drive, when the door is opened.  This function must be selected initially in the vehicle settings menu.


DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) is standard in the all-new XC70. This is a stability-enhancing system that when necessary reduces engine torque and applies carefully calculated braking power to reduce the risk of a skid.


"By combining systems such as AWD and DSTC we can offer a driving experience of extremely high caliber under virtually all operating conditions, even when the vehicle is loaded," says Ahlborg. "The fact that the driver can also influence the vehicle's character via the alternative chassis settings makes the experience and the feeling of control even more highly appreciated.


"By building on the modern S80 base when we designed the all-new XC70 model, we have been able to improve both comfort and the scope for utilizing the vehicle in an intelligent way," he added.  "More interior space and more versatile functions make the all-new XC70 a truly capable companion for adventurers and everyday motorists alike."


What's New Inside

The all-new XC70 model represents Scandinavian design at its best; that is to say every detail has been designed, focusing on clean lines and intelligent functionality.  Comfort in the front includes "ortho-posture" supportive seats and ergonomically designed instruments that naturally include an elegant, super-slim center stack and an audio system that is absolute world class.


"One could say that the XC70 has a dual personality," says Jonathan Disley, Volvo's interior designer.  "On weekdays it's a sophisticated and elegant vehicle for an active urban life.  Come the weekend and it transforms into a rugged partner for all kinds of exciting adventures."


The all-new XC70 is both more spacious and more comfortable than its predecessor.  The distance from front to rear passengers has been extended, rear leg room and rear knee clearance have increased and the width at shoulder height has been increased in the front seats.


Volvo's front seats are regarded by many as the very best on the market.  The seats (powered adjustable, optional) are designed to offer the best possible support and comfort, even on long trips.


The opposite effect - heating of the front seats when the weather turns chilly - can be selected at a choice of three temperature settings.  The rear seat too can be specified with heating, which includes separate switches for each of the two outer seats and, as in the front seats, three temperature settings.


The XC70 driver has a wide range of scope for adjusting the vehicle's comfort functions to suit his or her personal needs and wishes. These settings are altered in the vehicle's information system. The menu includes the seats, rear-view mirrors, climate unit, audio unit, navigation system and to a certain extent the vehicle's driving properties.  One of the selectable functions is automatic operation of the rear defroster.  When this setting is chosen, the defroster is automatically activated when outside temperature is about 48º F.  Another example is the speed-dependent power steering, which can be set at one of three levels via the information system.


"The all-new Volvo XC70 is synonymous with versatility and enhanced capability," says Ahlborg. "Plenty of space, a three-part rear seat and a number of intelligent functions make loading and travel a real pleasure, both with and without luggage."


The rear seat splits 40/20/40, with two very comfortable seats and a convenient armrest in between.  The center backrest can be folded to make space for long cargo items or raised to provide an additional seat. The backrests can be folded separately to create a larger load compartment with an entirely flat floor. With the foldable backrest in the front passenger seat, the combination possibilities are even greater.


The luggage compartment floor is equipped with aluminum rails and movable anchorage points to secure the load. The anchorage points can be tucked down into the rails when they are not in use so they are entirely out of the way. The side panels also have built-in load anchorage eyelets to keep luggage securely in place. In addition, they can be supplemented with multifunctional rails for a variety of hooks, load-anchoring nets, cargo space dividers and other load-related accessories.


"Volvo's audio systems are among the very best in the automotive world today," says Ahlborg. "And obviously only the best is good enough in a vehicle of the caliber of the all-new XC70.  In cooperation with the foremost audio manufacturers in the world, we have developed a first-class sound system with a digital amplifier from Alpine, Dolby Pro Logic II Surround and excellent loudspeakers from Danish experts Dynaudio. The result is an audio experience of absolute world class."


World Class Audio Accompaniment

The very latest in digital technology has been used to control and adjust sound reproduction to suit the shape of the passenger compartment and the positioning of the loudspeakers.


Using DSP (Digital Signal Processing), the tone curve has been fine-tuned so it contributes to natural audio quality.  Digital technology is also used in Volvo's modern amplifier, developed in cooperation with Alpine.  Volvo's amplifier also has a particularly high damping factor thanks to ICEPower® technology from Denmark's Bang & Olufsen PowerHouse a/s.  This technology contributes to crystal-clear yet powerful sound all the way down to the deepest bass tones.


The all-new Volvo XC70 will be introduced to North America at the New York International Auto Show in April.


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