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Magnus Jonsson - Left Nov 12, 2010 (Previously Senior Vice President, Product Development) CV and Biography


Present position: Left Volvo Cars on November 12, 2010

Joined Volvo Cars:
  3 March 1998

Born: 17 August 1956

Education:  MSc (Mech. Eng.), Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (CTH), 1982

Previous positions:
2006 - 2010
Senior Vice President, Product Development, since 1st May 2006. Member of Volvo Cars Management Team with responsibility for all development activities at Volvo Cars.
2003 - 2006  Executive Director, International Operations Synergies. Responsible for the extended cross-brand
collaboration between Volvo Cars, Ford of Europe, Jaguar and Land Rover.
2000 - 2003  Senior Vice President, Project Management. Member of Volvo Cars Management Team with responsibility for all new car projects.
1998 -2000  Vice President, Business and Product Strategy, Volvo Cars
1993 -1998  Vice President, Product & Process Engineering, Saab Automobile
1991 -1993  Manager, Interior HVAC, Electrical Engineering, Saab Automobile
1988 -1991  Manager, Central Laboratories, Saab Automobile
1985 -1988  Manager, Safety Testing, Saab Automobile
1983 -1985  Test engineer, Safety Testing, Saab Automobile
1982 -1983  Trainee, Saab Automobile

Civil status: Married, with two children (one son and one daughter)

Hobbies:  Golf, skiing


Magnus Jonsson was born on 17 August 1956 in Gothenburg. However, his family moved shortly afterwards to nearby Mölndal, where he completed his secondary school education. He then enrolled at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (CTH) to study mechanical engineering.

In 1982, after graduation, Magnus was offered a position as a graduate trainee at Saab. He moved to Trollhättan, where he remained for 16 years – the last four as head of product development. Magnus’s last major challenge at Saab was the Saab 95 model.

He began his Volvo career in March 1998 as head of the strategic end of Product Planning and Design. All product planning activities were subsequently brought together in a single organization and in autumn 2000 the structured project activity which he headed until autumn 2003 (Project Management) was introduced.

The next challenge was to work from a base in England to create a foundation for extended product collaboration between Volvo Cars, Ford of Europe, Jaguar and Land Rover. IOS – International Operations Synergies – deals primarily with product development, which means standardized processes, methods and tools. However, it also encompasses standardized purchasing structures and factory interfaces.
Work on introducing IOS collaboration got properly under way in 2004 and 2005, and is now being implemented step by step.

As Senior Vice President, Product Development at Volvo Cars, Magnus Jonsson is responsible for implementation of IOS collaboration at Volvo Cars. He will also be responsible for carrying out the company’s highly aggressive launch of its new products.

“A key determining factor for the company's future success, is the cars we develop in the coming years. I can see great opportunities, based on our personell's skills, competence and thorough understanding of our brand values. By applying new processes, methods and tools and by using our resources wisely, we will succeed in making more and better cars, with higher quality and at lower cost. IOS will be part of this change. But we will also strive towards a more lean and efficient way of working internally in R&D, by decreasing the complexity in our operation." Jonsson says.

Magnus Jonsson has been married since 1988. His wife, Carina, is a dentist. Their son, Jonathan, was born in 1989 and their daughter, Johanna, in 1991.



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