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Volvo Launches Express Service



Rockleigh, New Jersey (September 12, 2002) - Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. has launched the Volvo Express Service Program, now being offered to retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Volvo Express Service offers eight convenient services that customers typically have performed outside the Volvo network: Brake Service (front and rear pads), Tire Service (rotation, balance and replacement), Battery Service (replacement or charge), Oil Change (not scheduled maintenance), Wiper Blades (replacement), Cabin Air Filter (replacement), Exterior Lighting (repair and replacement), and Exhaust (repair and replacement).


Customers appreciate flexibility and low prices when scheduling their cars for routine maintenance, and that's what Volvo Express Service delivers. It's a no-appointment-necessary, while-you-wait program for these eight common service items. Volvo factory-trained technicians using only genuine Volvo parts perform all services and everything is backed by Volvo's 1-year unlimited mileage warranty.


After piloting Volvo Express Service at more than 20 retailers, Volvo was encouraged with the results and elected to proceed with a national launch of the program. "We are very excited about the new opportunities this program opens up for Volvo and our retailers," said Joseph Conforti, Aftersales Development Manager and the project leader responsible for launching the program.


The pilot program showed that Volvo customers liked not only the convenience of Express Service but really appreciated that factory-trained Volvo technicians using genuine Volvo parts were performing the work.


"Volvo Express Service is convenient and that is clearly what our customers want," said Conforti. "Don't Call, Just Come is the tag line we developed for Express Service. It represents the no-appointment-necessary, while-you-wait service customers have come to expect when dealing with these routine maintenance items. The bottom line is that we want Volvo customers to come back to an authorized Volvo retailer for all of their service needs."


Pilot-program retailers saw increases in many facets of their service operation after implementing the program. Many were able to increase shop capacity and were able to put the same or even greater numbers of vehicles through the shop in addition to the Volvo Express Service jobs. They also showed an increase in market share over all areas of maintenance and light repair.


Express Service is designed to run as a separate business within a retailer's service department. It is recommended that retailers dedicate 1-3 technicians and service bays depending on the volume of service business.


Contact: Joseph Conforti


(201) 784-4626

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